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What’s your Social Media and Business Strategy in 2018?

The first quarter of 2018 has almost gone.

Have you had much success with your social media activities so far? or you continue saying “I should have been doing more of it… or more of that”?

Are you happy with business results that you’ve achieved by know? If not, keep reading to find out why…​

There are a few common problems business owners have with their attempts to get results from their social media presence:

  • Not having business systems in place – 

not having a clear process to attract new clients – from the moment when they haven’t heard of you till becoming your paying customers.

  • Not knowing which social media platform to choose to get visibility for your business.

Posting the same content across all possible platforms at the same time without having great results on any of them.

  • Not integrating social media efficiently

you do a lot of work but don’t get the results no wonder if you want to give up.

    • Letting your ego dominate your day

When fear of being visible, being judged and making mistakes seems more important than serving to your audience.

  • Self-sabotaging your own success

While knowing what you need to be doing but for some reason you are not doing it

What can you expect from working with me for 60 minutes:

we will look at your current products or services;

the ways you are selling them now and the current results;

determine efficiency of your current approach;

set the desired results for the next 30 days;

I will draw you the pathways how to achieve those results;

Book a session/ £150