There are many recommendations on what and when to post on Facebook. Taking into account that Facebook has made many changes in News Feed algorithm (formula that determines who can see your page’s updates in their news feed and how often), you cannot be sure that recommended post types and timing are suitable for your particular case.

For instance, pictures are among recommended post types, but it doesn’t work for one of my pages, however pictures are the big hit with one of my clients’ pages.

How to know

what to post on Facebook?

The main thing to remember is that you need to monitor your Facebook stats and see what works. for that you need to publish on regular basis.

The video shows how to read the Insights.


 Here is the screen shots:

Facebook insights


To have a wider overview of your stats you need to click on “View all”

There you click on “Posts” and it will show you stats for all your posts.

view all stats


Here you can see how many people have seen your post in their news feed on each given day. These are picture posts, links and status updates. These stats show me that those posts that I’ve shared from other pages and picture posts get less visibility then simple status updates. This gives me a clue if I want more people to see my offers or I want to publish some calls to action, I need to use  status updates.


Example, the first top three posts are status updates, whereas 4th and 5th are posts I’ve shared from other pages. Picture posts are second best visibility wise.

better stats


Personally I do like picture posts, if I see pages which is full of status updates and links, it seems dull and unappealing.  And I don’t want to have a page without pictures, only because Facebook “has chosen” to expose them less.

This is what I did:

I published a status update post, and then in the comments below add an additional question and a picture. In the news feed my post looked like this:




On my page it looked like that and you can see how many people saw it:

pic and comment


If you post several pictures at one go it will be treated as status updates and not a photo, so if the status updates get more visibility you can publish at least two pictures at the same time and it will may increase your visibility.

If you post pictures on regular basis and the content resonates with your audience, you will see that reach of your photo posts will increase eventually.

how to post several pictures at once on

I saw from my insights that post with links are not doing that great either. But I want to drive traffic back to my website, so I adjusted my way of publishing links. By the way I saw people adding links in the comment box, the same way as I did with the picture post above.

Another way how to make sure that your posts with links get more visibility is taking away the preview option:

take away link picture


You click on the cross and it takes away the preview of the website, and click post. Facebook classifies it as a status update and gives more visibility.



This is what works for me, but the situation is completely different for my clients’ pages. You need to read your insights and make adjustments before you try to get more visibility via paid ads.

Please in the comments below share which of your posts get more reach.


You can read more on how to read insights here