This article will be specially useful if you are in the entertainment industry but there is one main approach that these guys use that is applicable to everybody and should be at a core of all your Social Media Activities.

I came across Dream Idols when I was invited to my friend’s Hen party. This was my first experience with British pre-wedding traditions. We don’t have hen parties in Latvia, at least we did not at the time when I used to live there.

This was also my first male stripper show I’ve ever attended. As their website states

“…the Hottest Male Glamour Group in Europe…”

They were really good, it was a very tasteful show performed by hot men; though I should admit that even this couldn’t distract me from noticing their Social Media strategies (I know it’s sad).

First, what they do, when you enter the club, they offer you to take a picture together with a gorgeous looking half-naked guy. And the first question that comes up is how much it’s going to cost to get the picture taken by a professional photographer. The answer is “Nothing!”.

Photo is published on Facebook page, and you can tag yourself or share photos, or download them.

Dream Idols Show

visit Facebook Dream Idols to view more photos!


give people a reason to visit your Facebook page – either offering a useful information regularly, or inviting them to post photos, organising contest, discounts etc.

It turned out that we got VIP tickets and were seated in the front row which was a real treat but I was still able to make mental notes how clever they are with creating a buzz about the show using Social Media tools.

Of course, I was checking-in on Facebook saying that I am about to watch a hot show.

fb example

Guys organised a contest on the best photo from the show, inviting viewers to take pictures and post them on Twitter using their Twitter handle @DREAMIDOLS. The author of the best picture would get a bottle of champagne.

Imagine, when Twitter feeds are flooded with hundreds of photos, it will draw attention of potential new viewers and show organisers that would be interested in booking guys to perform at their events.

If you go to their Twitter account you will see that from time to time they direct you to their Facebook page.


dream idols twitter link


drive traffic across all your Social Media channels.

The idea to write this article was triggered when I saw that they’d posted link to their Google+ page. In my books it says that guys mean business.

Google+ combines best features of LinkedIn and Facebook – it’s less corporate than LinkedIn and less casual than Facebook. This is a potential channel where they can get a corporate bookings.


you should be present on those Social Media platforms where your potential customers are.

The show itself was brilliant, the performance and staging were stunning.

Dream Idols

The main principle that they applied in all their Social Media activities and I believe everyone who wants to be successful in their Social Media attempts should do.

                      They put their fans  in the spotlight.

They give opportunity to their fans to share their experience, to be part of their success.

Their fans are directly engaged in what they’re doing and this also explains why they’ve got about 3,000 new fans on Facebook within the space of just a couple of weeks.

After the show there was a queue of girls wanting to have photos with the guys. I couldn’t resist, and you guessed it right I could get my photo by visiting their Facebook page.

facebook idols