How to maintain presence on Facebook and other Social Media channels without spending every free minute online?

There are a lot of online tools to automate your posts across different Social Media channels, but my favourite is Hootsuite.

My personal recommendations using Hootsuite:

  • Use it to post links to your blog across various Social Media Channels, but Facebook.

  • Use it for scheduling across Social Media channels but Facebook.

  • Use it to have a convenient dashboard to monitor various Social Media channels including Facebook:



To use or not to use automated tools on your Facebook page?

There is no doubt that scheduling across various media channels at one go is much easier than dealing with each account one by one.

If you use Hootsuite to schedule your messages on Facebook from time to time, it’s ok.

I would recommend that you use Hootsuite to schedule posting a links to blogs – Hootsuite gives you an opportunity to add a picture and shorten a link.

Don’t post the same message on your Facebook page and Profile at the same time, it will make a newsfeed looke “crowded” for those who are both your friends and fans, and it lacks authenticity.

If you want to schedule messages on  your Facebook page use the built-in option on Facebook to schedule your messages.

Watch the video how to do it:

Another way how to automate your messages is to connect your Twitter account with your Facebook page. Whatever you post on Twitter, it will automatically appear on your page. It seems very convenient but you seriously decrease your exposure on Facebook and no matter how many fans you have, your message is viewed only by a tiny fraction of people.

Look at theexample below when Twitter posts are overused on the page and how it impacts the exposure:

twiiter exposure for blog


You can see the difference between posts via Twitter and direct posts on Facebook.

Facebook encourages you to keep everything in-house. That’s why when you over-use automated tools on Facebook page, the exposure gets decreased as Facebook system treats it as a possible spam and protects its users.

Each case is individual that’s why it’s important that you read your stats and see what works for you and what’s not. During our first month of Membership programme we will look at how to read the insights and modify your activity on Facebook accordingly.