To be successful on Social Media all you need is LOVE!

To be successful on Social Media, all you need is LOVE!

What emotions come to your mind when you talk about your activities on Social Media?

Are you happy and can’t get enough of it?

Or you treat is a necessary evil because there is such a huge hype about it?

Or you are frustrated and baffled?


No matter what you do, no matter how much you post, you can’t see obvious results that would tell you that Facebook work for you.

If the latter describes your feeling, I would suggest that you STOP posting anything on Facebook right now, and concentrate your efforts on something else. Because:

Unless you fall in love with your page you will never get the results!

Or before you find somebody who loves Social Media and can represent you on Facebook.

When you enjoy your activities on Facebook, then it will

become easy,

ideas come to your mind,

and you find different ways how to engage your audience. 


As the result you are getting new clients, and people start buying from you.



How to fall in love with Social Media?

First of all, you need to remember that Social media is not about you but about your audience and Social media is a connector between you and your potential customers.

By communicating  with your audience you introduce your products or services to them gradually, you educate them about benefits of your offer, and most importantly you bring value.

Secondly, you need to understand where your audience hangs out. If they prefer LinkedIn and don’t even have an account on Facebook, no wonder that you don’t get any response.

Thirdly, think which of Social Media channels you prefer working with, pick one and excel there.

Be consistent and present on it, your energy will draw people to you. You will find your tribe.


Ok,  if you hate Social Media  and can’t possibly imagine that you would ever love it, then choose which action to take offline and be consistent – go to networking events, give talks, write articles.

Whatever you do, do it with love and you will see results.

When love is you guiding energy, you stop acting from a scarcity position.

You don’t stretch yourself thin across all possible Social Media channels because you are afraid of missing out on a potential customer.

You stop becoming needy!

Though I do believe that you need Social Media presence anyway to help people to find you easier, but you can delegate maintenance of your Facebook presence to somebody else who loves doing it.

If the only thing that stops you from finding clients via Facebook is lack of understanding how it works I have a solution for you.

I’ve created Social Media Support Hub, a place where you can find necessary support and guidance through Facebook labyrinth.

This Saturday I am running a webinar to members only on how to integrate Facebook into your overall marketing mix.

It’s an interactive webinar where participants can ask questions and interact with each other.

We will look at how your activities on Facebook contribute to your lead generation and what can be improved or what to choose instead.

As the membership area is in a beta mode yet, I am offering a very low investment solutions and it’s your monthly decisions, if it doesn’t bring the value you can cancel any time.

Please check the details and sign up! 

In the comments below please share your emotions towards Social Media.

About the Author Inga Deksne

Helping small business owners to get more visibility, more leads and more profit via Social Media platforms and online marketing strategies. Helping you to launch your services using Facebook ads.

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Debra Jason says September 20, 2013

Good advice. First, it’s important to know where your peeps are hanging out. Then, pick the social networks you enjoy and hang out with them there. If you’re overwhelmed, keep in mind that you don’t have to do it all. I wrote about this last week in “The Ticket to Eliminating Social Media Overwhelm.”

Have a great day!

    Inga Deksne says September 24, 2013

    Debra, thanks for your comments and link. Really enjoyed your article.

Belinda Rose says September 21, 2013

Well, I chose to go with facebook and leave the rest behind for now. I find that too much social media just puts me in a place of overwhelm. i work my fan page everyday and really do enjoy that. Here is the link:
I enjoy the feedback and communication with people on the fan page and yes, i do it with love. 🙂

    Inga Deksne says September 24, 2013

    your page is beautiful, Belinda, as everything that you do. Thank you for sharing and commenting.

Minling says September 23, 2013

I really like this post. It’s so true. You have to love social media to be successful at it. If you don’t love it people feel that energy from you. The more love you put in, the more love you get back for sure! Thanks for the great reminder!

    Inga Deksne says September 24, 2013

    Thanks Minling, yes, energy is easily translated into our work.

Tracey Ceurvels says September 23, 2013

I avoided my FB page for a while but now I am back engaging and having fun. It truly doesn’t have to be a chore…but a wonderful place to connect. I’m still leaning and learning but it feels enjoyable this time around.

    Inga Deksne says September 24, 2013

    Hi Tracey, your posts on Facebook looks delicious, are you on Pinterest as well? because food is very popular and yours are very popular and I have a feeling that you can easily find subscribers to your weekly menu plan.

Jacqueline Fairbrass says September 24, 2013

I initially got on Facebook to keep in touch with clients and students while I was traveling. As for the marketing thing…didn’t even think about it. It became a way to stay in touch and I actually started to have fun with it. So…do I love it? A little. Yes!

Twitter perplexes me, but I have found myself watching Shark Tank and tweeting along.

I think it’s important to give Social Media a chance to grow on you. And yes…you gotta love what you do or the energy just isn’t in sync. Good point!

    Inga Deksne says September 24, 2013

    well staying in touch and sharing your experiences are a big part of marketing, I guess you are natural communicator on Facebook, Jacqueline!

Inga Deksne says September 24, 2013

Thanks for the comment Denise, and you are right about choosing a platform that you like more, for instance Pinterest, because this is the way how to be successful on Social Media.

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