Goal accomplishing technique – the power of writing

It’s true it’s October already and there are less than 90 days till the calendar shows 2014. This is a reflection period for me; whether my plans and goals for this year have been accomplished.

In the days when I was actively working as a life coach I recommended to my clients writing their goals. I was practicing it myself.
At some point I was writing goals in my notebook 30 days in a row.
This technique was recommended by Brain Tracy.
Its principle is as following:
each day you write from 10 – 12 goals on a piece of paper;
when writing them you don’t look back at the notes from the previous day but just follow your feelings and write goals in no particular order; and those goals eventually come true.
Today I am looking through  my notes I wrote a year ago and I am surprised that some of the goals that seemed almost impossible have come true.
There are some goals still need to be accomplished but 70% have become reality.
I planned to write a book, but instead I’ve created an e-book on Facebook marketing.
I’ve reached my monthly financial goal, but I have suspicions that I should have aimed higher.
Last year launching an online training programme each three months seemed liked unreachable dream.
This year I had an online 30 Day Facebook Made Easy Online Boot Camp.
An example from those glorious days:

When I started experimenting with this goal writing exercise I was just followed instructions trusting authority of Brian Tracey, now I know for sure that this works.

This year is almost gone, but let’s finish strong. Let’s set some impossible goals to be achieved by the end of 2013.
Please in the comments below share what your “impossible” dream is for this year?

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Belinda Rose says October 5, 2013

Fall is a time of reflection but Fall 2013 is SO busy that isn’t possible this year. I’m in the process of writing two books, one is a children’s picture book and the other is the story of my journey and spiritual healing with anorexia. I need the facebook marketing. I’m coming back later and signing up for the free ebook! You may have a new student very soon! I am growing my facebook fan page daily but I know there are ways to get there faster than I currently am! 🙂 <3

Christine says October 6, 2013

Can’t believe it’s already October. Good thing there are a few days left of the year to finish my goals! Thank you for the goal writing tip, will absolutely try that for 2014.

Jacqueline Fairbrass says October 6, 2013

Oh my! I love Autumn, but had never thought of it as only 90 days of the year left! Yikes!

It is a time for basking in the abundance of what we have worked hard at through the year. In tune with our natural rhythms, it’s harvest time. I love the reminder to look back and celebrate. I know I’m guilty of not pausing to do that often enough.

A last push for the finishing line this year? Complete the Holistic Foot Reflexology Training Program http://schoolofct.com/reflexology-training/ so on January 1 it comes out of beta- testing mode. And get another program on the road. 90 days…lots of time! 😉

eyenie says October 6, 2013

What a great post, Inga! And I like that idea of writing random goals out over 30 days and then going back to see which ones came to be. One of my big ones this year was to have a new website, and it just came true–YAY! Now, my big “impossible” goal is to have 5 new clients by the end of the year as well as a certain amount of optins on my website!! YAY! Three months can be ample time to rock this!!! YAY!

Minling says October 7, 2013

Oh, I like this way of doing goal setting. It’s like setting your intention and letting it all unfold vs. forcing it to. Going to have to try it!

Tracey Ceurvels says October 7, 2013

I love autumn, especially October! And I always feel a sense of renewal during this time (perhaps because it’s my birthday month). I also enjoy writing down goals. I have a few notebooks in which I write my goals and dreams—and then letting them manifest. Here’s to making the impossible, possible!

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