Lessons learned after I sprained my ankle and had to rely on other people.

There are some musings around it on my scope from 16 August



I am always up for new experiences but what happened to me last week was outside my “wish list”. For the first time ever in my adult life I fell down in the middle of the street like a clumsy child and sprained my ankle.
On the bright side (if any) I was still able to deliver an interactive Social Media workshop, as I fell on my way to the networking event.
I always find the silver lining in every situation. In this case I struggled to find one.
Yes, I was grateful that it wasn’t broken. Yes, I was enormously grateful to my friend, Gayle, for taking me to the Minor Injury Unit.  I was really fortunate that even a client whose meeting I had to cancel offered to drive across London and bring me a special ankle brace.
But until recently I was very annoyed with the whole situation. I had to be depended on my children, I can’t stand to wait for something I would rather do it quicker myself.
The most annoying part for me was to hear that it must be the case that I needed to slow down and take a rest. I wasn’t annoyed with people who said that I was annoyed with myself. It seemed that I was too slow already and now I had to slow down.
My insights are captured in the scope but I wanted to jot down some major takeaways:
First of all, it was a great lesson in ability to receive. Allowing to be taken care of. Patience.
Secondly, and I think it was the biggest lesson, it was revealed  to me:
It’s about TRUSTING
Trusting that everything will work out. Accept  current reality. Trusting that I will get help and support I need.
Trust that I am able to manage the current circumstances.
It’s not woo woo stuff. It is a very practical approach:
I managed to reschedule my workload.
Learned how to delegate.
Learned to be patient.
Learned to allow to receive.