Which social media platform works best for your business

One of the factors that determines which of social media platforms is best for your business is, of course, the one where majority of your ideal audience is. Another factor is also which social media platform you are comfortable to use.

The third factor is which social media platform brings traffic to your platform the most.

 If it turns out that Twitter is the biggest source of traffic to your website but you don't like spending too much time on it then you can hire someone to do it for.you.

Why traffic to your website is important? Because website is your "property" whereas all social media platforms belong to someone else.

It makes sense to focus on that platform that works the best.

That'w why you need to have tools in place that would allow you to measure which social media platform drives the traffic the most.

You need to know how many people if any visits your website. I have spoken to many business owners who were complaining that they have spent so much time creating content (writing blogs) but they still don't have paying customers.

The first thing that you need to do is to know your data. You can do it by installing one of the following tools (there are more of them but I will focus only on three of them)

Google Analytics

If you have just Google Analytics you are golden. It shows exactly where traffic has come from.

I would recommend that you ask your web developer to help you to connect Google Analytics with your website, there is slight learning curve to understand how to use it but you can get basic data like Source of Traffic.


This tool not only provides a variety of data about your website, even if you just go a free version.

Especially I like the one which measure how many people have read till the end of the page. See pictures below.

At the beginning of the page - 69% of the readers.

Towards the end only 13% which means that you need to put your call to action in several places throughout your article. 


Clicky is the real time analytics and easy to connect with your website.

It's enough to have just one system to track your traffic. But you do need to have one to measure where the traffic come from so you can focus on the right platform. ​

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