Instagram Strategy for Entrepreneurs

​In this on-demand training you will learn about

  • The N1 crucial element of your Instagram account.
  • Types of Instagram accounts and what to avoid at all costs.
  • Vital elements of your Business Instagram account.
  • Don’t follow new people before you’ve done this.
  • How to gain followers and demystifying hashtags by Grant Cunningham.
  • How to organise your time to be able to have at least one image a day.
  • Your plan.

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Instagram has almost a billion daily active users. It becomes more and more popular, and it makes sense at least to explore how to use Instagram for your business. 

I help Intuitive and Spiritual entrepreneurs attract their best customers using Social Media. I don't specialise in Instagram but I have grown one of my accounts over 1500 followers, and I am running 3 accounts in total. I can share my knowledge with you:

  • ​how you can use Instagram for your business and whether it is suitable for your business
  • how to grow your account till 500 followers and continue to grow at your own pace
  • how to find time in your busy schedule for another social media platform
  • how you can turn it into a business tool.

All principles that I am going to share are tested by me and worked for me and my clients. You are welcome to join and get clarity about Instagram as a business tool.

We respect your email privacy


I watched your Instagram masterclass, thank you feeling more informed, it has really made a huge difference to my mindset so thank you.

Instagram roisinmcardlecolourtherapist

Inga is a great resource! She gives excellent information, easy to understand and step-by-step instruction on how to use Instagram as a promotional tool for your business. I've be on Instagram for a couple of years and I still learned lots!

~ Linda Lang,

Instagram @thoughtchange123