Social Media Marketing Success in 90 days

Yes - even if you are a Beginner!

How to connect all the dots and let people find you!

RIGHT NOW Your potential clients are  looking for you on Social Media!

Help them find you!

This is for you if you are afraid of Facebook and scared of Social Media, and you don’t know what to do next!

Have you heard that you can make loads of money online?

magicDoes it seem like other people know the magic formula for online marketing success but you’re not a part of that magic circle?

Do you feel overwhelmed with constant changes in Social Media?

Are you afraid that you’re missing out in your marketing?



If your answer is “yes” to any of the questions then “Social Media Marketing Success in 90 days” will sort out all your social media concerns!

No, it’s not a Magic Formula!

My Social Media Marketing Success programme – a full 90 days of


…is a proven, practical formula for success.


I will show you how to create 90 day Social Media strategy and implementation steps to achieve it. I will guide you through latest marketing trends in Social Media and how you can apply them in your business.


All your questions will be answered during Social Media Clinics.


I will show you which techniques to apply and how to network online.


Every week you’ll receive tasks, and group accountability will be available. Let’s face it there is a lot of information out there but something stops you from implementing it; weekly tasks will help you to stay organised.


Ruth Fox “It was such a relief to have all my questions answered…    Inga really knows her stuff and makes it all so easy for me.”   Ruth Fox,






Working closely  together I will show you how to make your online marketing activities successful by creating your Online Marketing strategy and Implementation Plan for 90 days.


So what will you get?

12 Weekly Masterclass calls – online webinars +recordings will be available ;

Full access to a Comprehensive Video library – you will have access to it also after the programme;

Your specific questions answered in regular Social Media Clinics – you can submit one of your Social Media platforms for makeover.

Programme Content includes the following:

  • where to find your ideal clients;
  • which Social Media platform to choose for your specific business;
  • how to integrate Social Media channels into your overall marketing mix;
  • how to measure the efficiency of your Social Media activities;
  • strategies on lead generation via Social Media;
  • how to use Social Media to promote your events and services;
  • how to create and run Facebook ads without breaking the bank;
  • a personal confidence check-up –  to make sure that you are not hiding from your clients.

You will also receive… a SPECIAL BONUS COURSE –

“Build your confidence – A 6-Step Success Formula!”


What does confidence have to do with Social Media?

You can know everything that you need to know about building your social profile online, you can have access to all possible  “how-to videos” but if you don’t have courage to put yourself out there it won’t help.

That’s why I’m adding this self-study course which will help you to boost your self-esteem and become successful while networking online and offline.

Don’t delay, those clients are looking for you right now and they need your help.


This comprehensive course is priced at £297.

Special offer to my friends – 50% of the total price – £147

The Social Media Marketing Success programme in 90 days will give you

CLARITY– which Social Media platform to choose;

VISIBILITY – being present on all major Social Media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ ;

EFFICIENCY  –  establishing 1 or 2 Social Media platforms that work for you and position yourself as an expert.

SUPPORT AND ACCOUNTABILITY – planning your strategy and implementing it.

CONFIDENCE – “Confidence Success Formula”


a BONUS 6-step programme  that will help you improve on and raise those confidence levels just the way you want.

Through this module you will participate in exciting exercises and assignments, which are more than just learning experiences.

“6 step Confidence Success Formula” will help you break through all barriers and fixed notions you have about yourself and life in general and move forward in life.

No matter how inspired you are to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others your lack of confidence might stop you from becoming successful.

6-step programme consists of

  • Self-assessment

  • Your belief system

  • How to overcome negative thoughts

  • How to overcome negative comments from others 

  • How to feel confident all the time

  • Confidence and Social Media

Make your decision today and The Social Media Success Programme and Confidence Success Formula can be yours for £147.





oonaInga understands the needs of the complete beginner as well as catering for those who are more advanced. The bite size tutorials offer an inspiring strategic overview coupled with a manageable breakdown of all the technical skills you need. When I had questions, Inga often responded immediately and if she couldn’t she let me know that she would get back to me – and did. She also offered generous one-to one support on the telephone where needed. Her expertise goes beyond Facebook too, so she is able to give the kind of soul support that the intrepid explorer in the labyrinth of Facebook may need from time to time. I am amazed at what I have achieved, not just in terms of technical know-how, with a page to show for it, but also in overcoming my hesitancy and actually finding that I ENJOY Facebook! This course has prompted me to rethink my whole marketing strategy and I am bubbling over with ideas and plans. Thank you Inga!” Oona Alexander  Facebook: Oona Early Childhood Insight 


_ROD0699“Inga has got fantastic knowledge about social marketing!!! The info about her “Facebook Made Easy” course came to me at the right time when I was about to promote my workshop. I knew completely nothing about social marketing and how to use FB as a marketing tool and now I feel much more confident. The course is very practical, split into digestible lessons and the group is great support. Inga’s enthusiasm and support was very encouraging so it helped me get through the most frustrating bits. She was so present in the group and assisting us with every question that it almost felt like I was having persona assistance on demand.  Thanks to Inga and her course I have created my FB page, generated some likes from completely new people and became friends with Facebook. Maintaing my page brings me pleasure and I am very curious about learning more about FB and social marketing.  Inga, thank you so much for your involvement, words of encouragement, your helpful attitude and sharing your vast knowledge!” Aska Kolton, Awarness Coach, RePower Your Life


544461_10152663797200212_1656225341_nBefore I met Inga Deksne, I was like most other 50+ women out there. Unsure of Facebook marketing and not a clue how to start. In a few easy steps Inga has shown and given me ideas to transform the way I work. The great thing now is I feel up to speed in the 21st century. No longer relying on outdated sales methods, I’m now flying high with an established Facebook Fanpage. To not work with Inga is a missed opportunity’Patricia Lyon, CEO & Founder at PHEW Psychology of Health, Eating and Weight



Don’t miss your chance get this course for just £ 147 



What if I don’t have time to do the course right now? How long will I have access to it?

Not to worry. You will have access to the course for life. Moreover you will receive updates as well, as we know Social Media changes all the times

How much time daily will it take me to work on the course to see the results?

I know that time is valuable and sometimes even luxury. Some of the elements of the programme you can do whenever you find the time for it. You can spend as least as 15 minutes a day to see first results.

All together the course takes 12 weeks, you will have the whole week to work on your tasks. I will show you how you can plan your time and activities, so you will be able to do more in less time.

Social Media is just a social tool, what benefits will I get for my business?

You cannot have successful business without building relationships both online and offline.  During the course I will show you how you can combine your offline and online activities so you build strong connections not only with your potential customers but also with other business owners; referrals are one of the most efficient ways to get a new custom.

I am not a technical person, what if I cannot follow the instructions in the videos?

First of all, no matter how bad technically you might be, you are not alone. That’s why this course is created to help  you to build your profile on Social Media channels so you can concentrate on providing services.

Social Media Clinics will give you an opportunity to address your particular issue and I will work with you on 1:1 basis. Social Media clinics will be recorded and you can have access to them when you need.


Are you in?

Make your decision today and The Social Media Success Programme and Confidence Success Formula can be yours for just £147.