Social Media Magic for your Business Success

12 month Online Training and Annual Membership

Social Media constantly changes and evolves, new platforms like Periscope, Meerkat and Blab have emerged and are creating more and more success stories in your industry, every single day!

  • Do you want clarity in knowing which platform to choose for your business model?

  • Do you want to build a successful lead generating system using Social Media?

  • Do you want to receive ongoing support helping you connect with your potential customers via Social Media?

  • Are you tired of not being able to implement your brilliant ideas only because you get stuck and frustrated of technology challenges?

  • Do you want to serve more customers, make more profit and enjoy doing it?

If you answered, “YES” to any of these questions then you NEED to keep reading.  I have a solution for you.

I am launching Social Media Magic for your Business Success!

Social Media Magic!  Sounds great but .. What is it?

Social Media Magic is an online training course that will help you integrate various Social Media platforms to help you create momentum, increase your profile and showcase your expertise … all helping to build your business success!
In easy and simple steps, I will help you to determine how to use any of the following Social Media platforms for your business needs:

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • Periscope

  • Twitter

  • Instragram

You don’t need to master all of them, I will guide you through the maze of Social Media and show you the shortcut.
You don’t need to feel overwhelmed any more. All you need to do is just post a question during the live webinar and I will help you.

You will have access to online tutorials and you can get individual help within the group.


What will you gain from it?


Wouldn’t it be great to have a space where you are among like-minded individuals and you feel safe to ask any questions related to your business and Social Media, no matter how stupid they may seem to you!

Wouldn’t it be magical to constantly receive phone calls and emails from prospective clients asking for your services?

Wouldn’t it be amazing knowing that your activities on Social Media bring you consistently new leads, you can serve more people and generate more income?  Best of all, you are having fun!

You know that this can work but somehow it doesn’t work for you. You get stuck with technical implementation.  It seems that you work a lot but, not yet, see the results.

What if I can show you the easiest way how to become visible online and teach how to identify which tools are the most useful for you and your business.

How about if I can take you by the hand and lead you through all your inner barriers of “I’m not good enough”, encourage you through your fears of being judged and feeling small.


Inga 2015My promise to you and how I can help you…


I truly believe that YOU have a gift, and there are thousands of people who need your gift but they don’t know about you, YET! I want to help them to find you! I want to connect you with your future customers.

I have run Facebook online training since 2013. I have helped many small business owners to solve the mystery of Facebook and attract new clients easily and having fun while doing it.

This time I want to expand and replicate my Facebook success formula on other Social Media platforms. Yes, they are different and require different approaches. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. The correct way of using Social Media for your business applies across all platforms.

I will show you how you can combine and leverage your presence on several Social Media platforms.

If you’ve never had success with your Social Media, please, challenge me, I want to help you.


Here is what a Business Owner, just like yourself, has to say about working with me…


Lisette-Ann was completely new to Facebook just a year ago, she even didn’t have a personal account on Facebook, and now, almost a year later she is rocking it. She has grown her list to over 1,000 subscribers from Facebook alone.

Lisette-Anne says:

Lisette-AnneI did not have a Facebook account nor a fan page yet. So I literarily started from scratch with 0 likes. 5 weeks in and I had 1.000 likes! And I even missed out on 3 weeks of weekly calls and watching the training videos! I just applied what Inga had taught us in the first 2 weeks and it took! The closed group for the students on Facebook feels very secure and very safe. We can ask any and all Facebook related questions there. Also there is a weekly call with Inga every Friday. In that call we get to ask all our questions. It feels like Inga is always online because as soon as anyone of us asks a question in our group, Inga is there to answer it, support us and like our comments. Inga continuously encourages us and “pushes” us to try new things and to really explore all of Facebook possibilities. I am/was not a Facebook person, at all. But Inga took me by the hand, so to speak, and step by step guided me to how to use Facebook. And I must admit, now that I have been on Facebook for almost 6 weeks, it is not so daunting anymore and it starts to grow on me. At least I now see the advantages and possibilities as first I only saw disadvantages and impossibilities. I herewith would like to thank Inga very much for all the help and encouragement and for the confidence she installed in me to get a fan page and now be on Facebook. If you are hesitant, be hesitant no more. If I, the greatest former Facebook skeptic, can go online and get 1.000 likes in just 5 weeks, so can you. Inga makes it easy and accessible. Thank you Inga, you are one of a kind and just awesome! I could not have done it without you!

Lisette-Anne Volker

The Details!


It’s a 12 month long support with four 6-week intensive live webinars.

During this 6 week intensive part  we have weekly calls.

After each of the calls you will receive recordings.

You can submit your questions in advance, so even if you can’t attend a live call, your question will be answered and you will be able to watch it later.

Each webinar is tailored made to your needs, you ask the question I give you the answer.


The next series of live webinars start on 7 April 2016

7 April  7 pm GMT

14 April 7 pm GMT

21 April 7 pm GMT

28 April 7 pm GMT

5 May  7 pm GMT

12  May  7 pm GMT


Let me recap what you will get by participating in this online programme:

  • Understanding of how to incorporate various platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into your business.
  • I will show you how you can use Periscope as a useful addition to your business and not another Social Media platform that adds frustration.
  • Weekly live webinars and recordings.
  • Support in the closed group where you can ask questions when necessary.

Your Investment

Payment Options:

Option 1:       Total Investment:                                           £500.00

Pay in full £500 and receive a complimentary 60 minute 1:1 Strategy Session (valued at £200)


Option 2: Pay in 5 payments of  £100 each. These payments will be taken once a month over the period of 5 months.


Option3: Make 12 monthly payments of £45 each. These payments will be taken once a month over the period of 12 months.

Total Investment:                                           £540.00




My mission is to help you  focus on your business and make Social Media Easy for you. Even more I want you to believe in Social Media Magic!

Join me on this journey!