This posts is about a business owner Barbara Fernandez who is passionate about teaching people that raw food can be not only healthy but also tasty and easy to prepare.

I met Barbara Fernandez at one networking event. She made me feel like a celebrity because she is one of my subscribers and she instantly knew what I do and it felt good.

I was drawn to Barbara because I am exploring options of healthy living. Barbara champions raw food. She shares easy and quick raw food recipes to her audience showing that raw food is more than just boring salads.

Recently Barbara entered a competition where she can prove that healthy food can be delicious and easy to prepare. All she needed was  to get enough votes so top industry experts would even consider her.

You can cast your vote for Barbara till 23 February here 

She approached her Social network and posted on her friends’ wall the following message:

barbara's post

Usually I am very peculiar about allowing people to use my Facebook space for their purposes without asking me first.

Though I could feel Barbara’s passion, and I know that it is not an easy thing to ask for help and support. I think it was very brave of her. I believe in Barbara’s motives and I supported her cause wholeheartedly.

What would I do differently to get my friends and fans attention:

⇒ I would create a post on my wall and tag my friends asking for their support. Why this is the best way:

First of all, it saves time, you need to post it once, tag your friends and it appears on their timeline and is visible to their friends.

Secondly, if your friends can have a choice – approve the tag and let the post appear on their timeline or not.

⇒I would create a video and uploaded it both on YouTube and Facebook with the link to the voting page.

⇒I would promote the post with the request to vote and reasons why it is important using Facebook Ads manager.

For instance, this is the post which I would invest some money in, to have a wider reach:



When I met Barbara for a raw food lunch I was fascinated by her approach to create material to her audience. While we had our meal she created 3 short videos about each of the course we got, describing the ingredients and how tasty the meal were. This is video report from our meeting.

This is one of Barbara’s videos showing our visit to the “Wild Food Cafe”


You can visit Barbara’s Facebook page “TheRawRockChick”

Barbara’s website –

Twitter:  @therawrockchick