We know that one of the most efficient ways to share your expertise is by writing blogs. Then we use Social Media platforms to let people know that a new blog post is published.

LinkedIn is one of the places where we share links to our blog posts. It can be shared either as an update on your profile or you can post in the groups you belong to.

how to share info on LinekedIn



You can see that you can share your link directly to your connections, but unless you are sure that it is uber important for them to read that particular article I wouldn’t overload your connections by sharing your updates in this way.


There is more efficient and less intrusive way how you can share your content on LinkedIn.

I should warn you that it is not just copying a link,  you need to create a blog post within LinkedIn but if you are serious about getting noticed on LinkedIn then you should consider LinkedIn publishing platform “Pulse”.

What are advantages of using Pulse:

⇒  Your connections get notified that you have published a new article and if the title is compelling enough they will visit.



⇒ Your articles can be read by people who are outside your network of primary connections.

⇒ You can share this article easily to other Social Media platforms.



⇒ It has a similar dashboard as WordPress site.



What to publish:

  • I wouldn’t encourage you to duplicate your current blog posts. but you can put a new spin on your old articles or you can write a summary of your published blog posts and provide a link where people can read the whole article.
  • If you have YouTube videos you can write a summary of a video and you can embed it within the article.
  • Create articles that highlight your area of expertise.

When I first published on Pulse my article was featured by an influential group and I got 820 followers within 20 minutes of publishing.


How to start using Pulse:

I’m sharing the way how I found out about it. I clicked on one of the notifications and found the button which said “Write a new post”, so you can do the same, click on the link for my post and find an option to create a new post.




If you feel unsure whether you want to try this approach, or you hesitate about becoming visible, then you may enjoy my free Social Media online training,  details are here.