Planning your Social Media activities in advance will save you time and allow to reach more people.

Beginning of the month is an ideal time when you can plan your posts across your Social Media channels. Make sure that you have scheduled at least once post per day, so even when you are busy you still have a minimal presence online.

You can browse Internet and look for events that happen globally, nationwide and locally. It will give you topics for your posts.

For instance, today, is World Vegetarian Day and October is Vegetarian Awareness Month.

This is something that interests me and I am sure it’s close to the heart of many of my followers. By the way, I am not a vegetarian but I am exploring healthy lifestyle habits, and this is an opportunity to share my interests with my readers. There is the whole page on Facebook devoted to this and they also run a contest.



To find ideas for different events and celebrations, you can click here

You can search for your local events at Time Out Magazine or something similar.

If I look what is happening this month in London I can see it here

But check what is happening in the world according to

If you feel creative there are a lot great resources for artists to plan their content calendar – Content Calendar for Artists



The quickest way to make your plans come true is to commit to them. In this short video I am talking about how you can plan your Social Media activities for the month.

Here is the link to book your Social Media Free strategy session for October (limited numbers of sessions are available)


Download your Social Media Monthly Action Plan (MAP)