Have you been stepping up lately?

We are entering the last quarter of 2014, have you achieved the goals you’d set for this year?

Bold dreams require stepping out from our comfort zone.

It requires taking action despite old limiting beliefs and fear of failure.

Taking action brings changes.

Changes are uncomfortable even when they are wanted.


I’ve noticed that every time when I make a decision to step up the resistance kicks in. Sometimes it appears as procrastination and it’s obvious that I am delaying changes.

Sometimes it shows up as outer obstacles and you have an excuse to postpone actions that would take you to the next level.

Have you been in the situation when you know what you need to be doing but you don’t do anything?

Sometimes we feel guilty about it, sometimes life happens and we have reasons (excuses) to postpone stepping up. Does it sound familiar?

Two weeks ago I participated in seminar run by Ann Wilson aka The Wealth Chef. On the second day we had a very interesting exercise – we had to break through our limiting beliefs literally.boardWe wrote one of our strongest limiting belief on the wooden board, cross it out and then break the board with a palm.

You know, the activity itself seemed impossible but when I managed to break it in half just by hitting it with my bare palm, I felt that now I am unstoppable. I can do anything I set my mind to.

I came back inspired to change some of my habits, I had so many ideas of producing new training programmes and so on. I was determined to ignore the resistance of change and keep charging ahead.

Guess what has happened. I got ill. Somehow, my inner saboteur found a sneaky way to stop me and I caught a cold that transformed to flu quite quickly. All my projects to record videos had to be postponed. Besides cold and creativity don’t go well together.



So what can you do to overcome the resistance?

⇒ The first step towards dealing with resistance is to recognise it.

 ⇒ Then remind yourself why you want make changes and highlight the benefits of upcoming changes.

 ⇒ Most importantly don’t beat yourself up for seemingly stepping backwards.

 ⇒ This is a part of the process. This is a part of the growth.

 ⇒ Give yourself time to adapt to new situation.



Ask yourself what can be the smallest thing you can do today to move a little bit closer towards your dreams? Do just this one step. The main thing is consistency.


What do you do to overcome  resistance?