Instagram Strategy for Entrepreneurs

​In this on-demand training you will learn about


The N1 crucial element of your Instagram account.


Types of Instagram accounts and what to avoid at all costs.


Vital elements of your Business Instagram account.


Don’t follow new people before you’ve done this.


How to gain followers and demystifying hashtags by Grant Cunningham.


How to organise your time to be able to have at least one image a day.


Your plan.

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Instagram has almost a billion daily active users. It becomes more and more popular, and it makes sense at least to explore how to use Instagram for your business.

I help Intuitive and Spiritual entrepreneurs attract their best customers using Social Media. I don’t specialise in Instagram but I have grown one of my accounts over 1500 followers, and I am running 3 accounts in total. I can share my knowledge with you:


How you can use Instagram for your business and whether it is suitable for your business


How to grow your account till 500 followers and continue to grow at your own pace


How to find time in your busy schedule for another social media platform


How you can turn it into a business tool.

All principles that I am going to share are tested by me and worked for me and my clients. You are welcome to join and get clarity about Instagram as a business tool.


Roisin Mc Ardle

Colour Therapist

I watched your Instagram masterclass, thank you feeling more informed, it has really made a huge difference to my mindset so thank you.

Linda Lang

Inga is a great resource! She gives excellent information, easy to understand and step-by-step instruction on how to use Instagram as a promotional tool for your business. I’ve be on Instagram for a couple of years and I still learned lots!

Mad Hatter

Tarot Coaching

Thanks to the guidance from Inga Deksne on her Instagram introductory course, I’ve set up a new profile for my new Mad Hatter Tarot Coaching brand and have been posting a card of the day (with a business slant) which have been very popular. I’ve gone from 0 followers to 186 in just a couple of weeks with only 16 posts (this is only the 3rd card of the day). I don’t know the majority of the new followers which I think it brilliant and most are international female business owners, who are my target market on Instagram.

If you’d like to connect on Instagram, I’m madhatter.tarot and I’ll happily follow back.
Thank you, Inga