The Client Attraction Roadmap


We all need a solid foundation for using social media to get new clients for our business.

No matter how active you are on social media, you need a system in place to help your followers become your clients. Without it, all you are doing is spending a lot of time on social media.

I am offering you the Client Attraction Road Map – Bootcamp to help you build a funnel for your business.

This is for you, whether you have an existing product/service or not.


If you DO we will build a system around it.

If you DON’T I will show you how to create one.

It is an extremely practical course. By the end you will have a client attraction system that you can implement in your business straight away.

It will run as a live event but be turned into a self-study course.

By joining us live, you will have the unique opportunity to help shape the course and get hands-on support on your project with me.

This programme stands out from others in the market place because it is intuitively led and has energetic power behind it.

Programme Outline

Week 1

“Meeting” your ideal customer and crafting your offer.

You may already be familiar with the concept of creating your Ideal Customer Avatar? I will guide you through an exercise that differs from traditional marketing strategies. Crucially, we also address the mindset pitfalls that can derail us when we create client attraction funnels.

Week 2

Creating your free offer

I will show you how to easily create your own giveaways without needing to outsource.

Although I am the first to encourage you to “stay in your lane and outsource the rest”, it is important to understand how it is done so you may delegate such tasks when necessary in the future.

Week 3

Outline your free giveaway.

We will be discussing the most suitable free gifts that you can offer your ideal customers based on your particular products and services.

Week 4

Setting up an email marketing system

If you do not currently use an email management system, I will demonstrate using a tool called Aweber. I will show you what you need to have in place in order for you to create your own marketing funnel.

Week 5

Promotional activities to encourage followers to request your free giveaway.

We will cover how to use social media platforms to spread the message about your free giveaway. This can include Facebook ads.

Week 6


After 7 days of promotion we will test which activities have been most impactful. We can then tweak and adjust the system accordingly.



The 10 first people will receive additional training “Sales process made easy” (Valued £500)


It’s a 3 hour online training where you will be shown how to sell with ease and how to bring value to a potential customer even if they don’t buy anything. 


Business cannot sustain without sales. It would be great if people just pressed “Buy Now” button and you were making money while you sleep. I will show you how you can make your sales process enjoyable and profitable.


Your Investment

The full price of the course is going to be £397