Some business owners still remember the time when their fans could see almost all of their posts and now they resent the idea that Facebook doesn’t provide full exposure.

It seems that only “organic reach” shows how successful or not you are on Social Media. It’s a misconception.

We need to remember that  a few years ago a number of business pages was significantly smaller, the competition for space in the news feed was less. It’s impossible to cram updates from all of your friends, groups, and pages you are following in the news feed. Facebook wants to provide a good experience for its user that’s why updates from the pages are shown only when fans are engaged with the content.

Mistake N1 Not running Facebook ads at all

If you never tried Facebook ads before because you don’t know how to do it, don’t let it stop you from having success with your Facebook marketing. Facebook ads are one of the cheapest forms of advertising.

If you want to have a business rather than an expensive hobby than you need to become serious about investing in your marketing. I’m not suggesting that you need to hire me (though I would be thrilled to help you). I’m saying that you need to become serious about wanting to serve your future customers. You need to let people find you.

Facebook ads are not just about getting new fans. Facebook ads can help drive traffic to your website, events or offers.

Mistake N2 Using the easiest promotion option

You have probably noticed that Facebook from time to time suggests to promote posts or reach the new milestone and get new likes.

When you never tried ads this option seems much easier, yes, it offers some targeting as well. There are times when you can just boost post and reach as many people as you can but usually you are better off when you create your ad via Ads Manager or Power Editor.

One of my clients have two different pages, one fan base was built using page like ads via Ads Manager, the other page via the option Promote page. It seemed that second page got more fans quicker but engagement level remained low. Whereas whilst it took time to build community around the first page the engagement level is always high.

My recommendation – do some extra work and use Ads Manager or Power Editor to create your ads.

Mistake N3 Give up too early

A typical scenario – you’ve set up an ad, put a lot of money but no results. So you stop the ad, curse the Facebook and swear never spend money on those stupid ads.

First of all, you need to give at least 24 hours to see whether ad is working or not. I used to make this mistake and if I didn’t get wanted results on the first day I scrapped the ad and started everything from scratch.

The reason why your ad may not be working is that your sales page is not converting, or your offer is not compelling enough, or the picture for your ad is not catching attention. Which brings us to mistake N4

Mistake N 4 Not monitoring your ad

You need to monitor your ads daily to see how they perform. You can’t just create an ad and forget about it. You need to see whether it works or not. If you don’t have enough clicks it means that either copy or picture is not working. When you make changes, make one change at a time. This is what I like about Facebook ads you can tweak them on the go, you don’t need to redo the whole ad, just adjust different elements.

Mistake N5 Not knowing your numbers

Before you start your ad you need to know your numbers so you can see whether you are making money back with your ads or you are losing. If you direct people to you offer that brings you £2,000 as a result, do you think that £200 is too much of investment? Without getting clear what results bring you profit there is no point in doing the ad at all.

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