Let's finish 2017 strong!

Inga 2015Hello! It’s Inga here.

Every time when I ask business owners a question – “How do your future clients find you?” they seem puzzled. “What do you mean, clients find me? I am looking for clients!”

I get that. We do whatever it takes to generate new business – attend endless networking events investing money into membership fees and time to attend events.

We spend time writing blogs and then posting links to our blogs across various social media platforms hoping that somebody will spot it and contact us wanting our custom.

Wouldn’t it be much easier when you receive phone calls and emails from prospective clients who want to know how you can help them and how much you charge for your services?

Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

My clients and I know how it feels, when your Social Media presence is set up properly it works for you. It brings you more leads, more customers and as a result more profit.

I am offering a free strategy session for 10¬†people only. Let’s finish 2017 strong!

Social Media Success Plan 


Make your business visible online and let your future customers find you!

The strategy session will be done by appointment only by filling in the application form. Don’t miss your chance!

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