Even though I am a big advocate for online networking but nothing compares with live communication with fellow business owners.

Just a year ago I considered networking as a necessary evil. When I combined my day job and my business, attending networking events added more hours to my working day, and I usually felt tired and drained after that.

Yes, I met some nice people, built relationships but it felt like too much effort.

My attitude towards networking events changed when I started my own business on a full-time basis. Then networking events became my only opportunity to see people in real life and dress up for a change. It’s so easy to become a hermit when you run an online business from home.

I believe that networking should be not only for socialising but for growing your business. Especially if you pay membership fees you would like to see the return on investment of your money and time. So I’ve become more critical in choosing which events to attend.

In December last year lovely Jill Bennett introduced me  to Fabulous Women &Marvelous Men Networking organisation.

I think it was a “love from the first sight” with this networking organisation.

I liked the structure of the meetings.

I loved welcoming atmosphere.

I learned new information from the speaker of the event.

I met new friends.


Photo courtesy of Anna Logan Riversby Fabulous Women &Marvellous Men-Clapham

Photo courtesy of Anna Logan Riversby
Fabulous Women &Marvellous Men-Clapham

Meetings has a balanced mix of social and formal business aspects. You are given an opportunity to tell about your business and what kind of support you are looking for. There are sessions devoted to brainstorm solutions for your current business or personal challenges.

Lately I’ve been attending various groups in different part of London, which is another benefit of being a member of the Fabulous Women &Marvelous Men. As a member I can attend any of the groups.

Through one of the networking events I met my new hairdresser, and she was a visitor not a member at the meeting. This is another bonus – you can have up to three visits to any of the group before you are asked to become a member if you wish to continue attending meetings. By the way April is a Visitors’ Month so you can attend as a guest as many times as you like.

The best part is that Fabulous Women &Marvelous Men has started  my speaker’s career.  One of the benefits of becoming a Member is being able to talk at the networking events.

In the beginning of 2015 on my list of intentions for 2015 I wrote “Give talks”.

Gayle Edwards aka The Breakthru' DivaMy Business Fairy Godmother, amazing Gayle Edwards aka The Breakthru Diva has launched my speaking adventures.

On 21 April I am talking at Richmond Fabulous Women

On 28 April I am giving a talk at the launch event of the Mastermind Group in East Croydon.

On 6 May I am giving presentation at the Social Media Special – How to get fans on Facebook at Interesting Business Talks & Events Meetup in London.

0n 29 May – Southampton Fabulous Women

My deepest gratitude goes to Jane Hardy who has made Fabulous Women &Marvelous Men a networking organisation with the Soul.

Please, in the comments share what your experience with finding right networking group is!