We use Social Media to drive traffic to our website. So it is obvious that we want more people to follow us on our Social Media platforms. When somebody visits your website how easy is it for them to make a decision that they want to follow you, let’s say on Facebook?

visitors to fans

I’ve seen that some of the websites hide their Social Media buttons at the bottom of the site, where they look neatly and pretty. You need to be really interested in a product or service in order to make an extra effort to stay connected.  When they find the “buttons” and click on them they are taken away from the website, most likely they get distracted on Facebook and don’t come back to your website.

Look at these three screen shots below. When is it easier to make a decision to join the Facebook community? When there is just an icon or when you can see that some of your friends are already fans of this business?


In the example above people are not even taken to  the Facebook page, they like the page without seeing it. This is just specifics of the plugin.


Next snapshot is from the website where Connect with Us icons are at the bottom of the page. It looks very nice, but I had to scroll for a while before I came across them.

cute share this

The next example is from my website. I am not saying that I am perfect but I want to show you that it is much easier to say “yes” to the page and become a fan when you see that some of your friends already like this page. It may be the case all of the time, but Facebook usually displays photos of your friends first.

new plugin


I have created a short video to show you, how you can install the plugin. If you already have this plugin make sure that you have the latest one, because Facebook announced that they plan to discontinue the old plugin from June 2015.

Link to the Plugin page.

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