“Facebook is not a destination but a vehicle to grow your business.”

They say money is in your list, meaning that you can build relationships better communicating with people through their inboxes. It becomes more and more difficult to entice people to part with their email addresses, as we become more selective what we sign up for.  To win a chance to get some gifts seems enticing enough.  Holiday season is perfect for giveaways.  In this article I would like to share some ideas

how to run giveaways on your Facebook page to grow your list.

Main elements:

  • Gift(s) – giveaway
  • Rules
  • Placement
  • Promotion
  • Having fun


  1. The Giveaway

It needs to be related to your business. There is no point in giving away iPad for instance if it is not your business, otherwise you will attract people who want the gift but they are not interested in your products/ services. When the gift is related to your business it will pre-select people who may be interested in what you sell. It can be both – products or services.

    2. Rules

You need to describe the rules of taking part in the competition. You need to include

  • the end date of the giveaway;
  • what actions need to be taken by a participant;
  • participating countries;
  • how the winner will be announced

3. Placement

You can run the contest on the Timeline and also include the element of email collecting but it would require participants to take additional action which may be a turn off. If you run the giveaway on the Timeline you need to observe Facebook rules.

The easiest way to run your giveaway is by using Facebook apps.

There are many Facebook apps that can be used, I used Shortstack. It is easy to set up and manage. It has a free version so you can decide whether you find it suitable for your needs before you commit to a paid version. Make sure that Facebook app is mobile friendly.

Your new Facebook app is visible on your Facebook page as a Tab.  Also change your Cover photo and Call-to-Action to invite people to sign up for your giveaway.


4. Promotion

“Build and they will come” is an illusion. Your giveaway may become viral, of course, but you need to let people know that you are running a giveaway and preferably you would like to attract people who have never heard of you before. Facebook ads can be costly but there are ways how you can decrease your expenses.

You need to run ads for getting Facebook likes (Page promotion) and choose your App as a landing view. Meaning if people click on the picture they will be taken to the Giveaway place. See the picture below.

The process looks like:

⇒ Prepare 3 pictures for the ad – in this case representing the page and the giveaway.

⇒ Go to Ad Manager and choose the ad Promote page.

promote the page

⇒ After you have chosen your target audience and uploaded pictures,

⇒ define the landing view by choosing your Tab.

case study

⇒ Place your order

This method will you give two options – grows your fan base and email list. There are no guarantees that people who liked your page will opt in for the giveaway but still it gives you a better chance to share a message about your page and your giveaway.

Don’t forget that apart from Facebook ads you can create posts on your Facebook page with the link to the Tab.

Click on the link to join our Holiday Giveway http://bit.ly/theholiday-giveawayFeel free to invite your friends! ( The Raw Greek )

Posted by The Raw Greek on Tuesday, November 24, 2015


You can also invite your existing subscribers  to participate on your Facebook page by sending them a link to your Facebook page. Here is the link to the Facebook post on the Raw Greek Facebook page as an example.

post for the subscribers


5. Having fun

It’s important that you are enjoying the process, otherwise it doesn’t make sense to organise it. One of the reasons why you may not have fun is the fact that you don’t know how to run the competition using Facebook apps. Hopefully this article was of help for you, if you want more help you are welcome to sign up either for the webinar or the course.

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