Why Hootsuite?

hootsuite_iconHootsuite is a software that I use to monitor information across Social Media channels. There are many different other tools but I prefer Hootsuite. I use it to schedule posts on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

I don’t use it for scheduling posts on Facebook.

It’s a free tool if you use up to 5 accounts (Facebook profile, Facebook Business page, LinkedIn, Twitter make four accounts already, you can add Google+ if you use it and you can still use this tool for free).

Benefits of using Hootsuite:

  • You can monitor and interact on various channels from one place.

  • You can see posts and comments and can reply.

  • You can schedule posts across different media channels at one go.

It is particularly handy if you have a blog, because it allows you to write a teaser and add link, and post across various channels. It works better for the blog in comparison if you just share a link to your blog.

Some suggestions:

Don’t post the same content on your Facebook page and your Facebook profile, don’t duplicate the content, because it looks mechanical. If your fans are also your friends on your personal profile their news feed shows two identical messages from you.

It also doesn’t do good for your engagement level.

If you want to share a content on both accounts, first publish on your Facebook business page and then share it to your personal profile.


The software itself has a lot of tutorials so if you are interested in applying this tool you need to sign up and play with it.