How to get more engagement from fans on a regular basis?


This was the question I received on my Facebook page.

The question itself contains part of the answer:


 Regular presence on Facebook.

It doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your time on Facebook, not at all, but you  have to be consistent in posting. Consistency is crucial. One of the best ways, and  probably the only efficient way to be consistent is by

Planning your activities on Facebook.calendar

End of the month is perfect for planning your activities for the following month, you  don’t need to be super detailed at this point, but you need to know how you are  going to communicate your marketing activities during the month via Facebook.  Facebook is just a mechanism to convey your message and engage with your  audience.


HoneyPost content that is interesting to your readers.

I know that it sounds obvious, but ever so often I can see that business owners  publish announcements about upcoming events by informing readers of the topic of  the event and main benefits, and that’s is;  in the best case scenario it will be  republished from time to time. For instance, now is August, you have an event in  September, so you can build an anticipation of the event, and engage public in the  preparation stages by posting bite-sized content relating to the event.


Don’t just throw information at people, engage with them, ask questions. When ask questions, put yourself in their shoes, very often people check their Facebook on the go – during lunches, or waiting in a queue. There is no luxury of time to spend  answering very complicated questions.

Questions need to be easy to answer and give opportunity to share readers’ expertise. 

Respond to the comments.

It may be obvious, but still you can see that many comments left unanswered. If the comment doesn’t  require the answer always acknowledge the input by simply saying thank you. Respond to negative comments as well, this is your opportunity to showcase your expertise. Though if the comments are abusive ban the person from your page, if necessary report them.

Collaborate with other business owners.

It’s easier to join an interesting ongoing conversation than speaking up in a silent room. I organise engagement days for my clients where participants engage in the discussion on each other pages thus creating a buzz. Find business owners that compliments your expertise. If you are a fitness coach, collaborate with a nutritionist. If you are a money coach, work with a confidence coach etc.

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Please share your ideas to get more engagement.