“Get Your First 1,000 Fans on Facebook”

An Online 6 Week Course for Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs

starts on 26 September 2014

Dear small business owner, holistic practitioner, author, coach and anyone who wants to get results from activities on Facebook,

Can you relate to the following?

⇒ everybody says that you need to be on Facebook but you don’t know where to start;

⇒ you have put so much effort and money but you haven’t seen results yet;

⇒ you have declared yourself a technophobe and feel confused around Facebook.


If you can relate to any of the statements above then the course  “Get your first 1,000 fans on Facebook!” is for you!


Why is it important?

When you have at least 1,000 likes on your Facebook page, it starts “working” for you. More and more people start seeing your posts.

The more people know, like and trust you the greater chances are that they will become your customers.

Know trust like

What else is important?

Great content and consistency so your new fans can engage with you and share your content, and attract new fans.

It should be fun! If  for some reason your activities on Facebook feel like a burden and waste of time and money then you need to change it.


I want YOU to have RESULTS from your activities on FACEBOOK.

I want YOU to feel CONFIDENT around technology.

I want YOU to attract new LEADS and get new CUSTOMERS.


That’s why on 26 September 2014 I am launching a new 6 week online course “Get your first 1,000 fans on Facebook”

During this course you will have

3 weekly tutorials

you will get materials about how to

⇒ create a system that will allow you to bring new fans on a consistent basis;

⇒ find your ideal audience

⇒ get new fans

⇒ use Facebooks ads on a tiny budget,

⇒ create engaging content,

⇒ use your Personal profile and business page,

⇒ use Facebook Power Editor  and much more.


3 weekly workshops

I’ve decided to include workshops to give you hands-on help.

I will allocate 3 separate days from 10am -10pm to help you with implementation of necessary steps on your activities:

creating Facebook apps,  setting up email marketing system (Aweber or Leadpages), creating Facebook ads for you using Facebook Power Editor  etc.


It will be tailored-made to your needs and each of you will get at least 30 minutes undivided attention from me.


This course will be only for a limited number of people in order to maintain the quality.

The course fee is £397.

You will get results only by taking action and I want to reward 5 fast action takers!

First 5 people can get access to the course only for £147

Remember, your future customers need your help. Let them find you!