I took a pause in journaling my soloprenur’s adventures because I was focusing on finishing my eBook. I was working till 2 o’clock in the morning for three days solid.

It would be wiser, of course, outsource this work to somebody who does it professionally and just pay some money.

I wanted to do it myself, all my childhood I was told that I don’t have artistic skills and I translated it as not being a creative person. So this was my project to express my creativity.

During the whole process I enhanced the Power of Prioritisation. I had to make some choices, not the easy ones and set some boundaries. I’ve cancelled all going outs with the friends. The funny thing is that I don’t go out very often anyway, previously it was because I used my evenings for working on my business. This time I agreed to meet some friends whom I had been ignoring for a while.  I did it again. I cancel on them. I know that some of my “friends” have given up on me. Some of them think that I work too much and it is true. I work too much.

But it is a conscious choice. I want to invest my time in building a solid foundation for my business. I can’t see myself going back to employment (don’t get me wrong, I will, if it’s necessary, but prefer not to.)

Another temptation was to go and help my cousin with babysitting. Now when my daughter is away she needs my help. But I had to be aware of my commitments to myself and put myself first. It’s much harder to be selfish.

EbookAnyway, my hard work has paid off and I’ve produced 128 pages of information and video tutorials of Facebook marketing. This is a guidebook for business owners to be able to use Facebook as a marketing tool to generate more business.

If you want to download it, you can do it here, and also you can read what other people are saying.

Here is the video of my eBook launch.