This is my Day 3 of the first 90 days of being a Solopreneur.

In the end of the blog post there is a PDF document from my upcoming ebook “Facebook Made Easy”, it’s free to download, no opt-in required “What to post on Facebook”


Participating at the networking events is one of the ways  how to make new connections and getting referrals.

Despite knowing the importance of building relationship with new people I strongly dislike networking events. Especially when they take part in a small room crammed with loudly talking people.

Today it was very hot and the room where the networking took place was without aircon. When I arrived I was greeted/hit with the heatwave and the wall of noise.

The networking event had a presentation part. The speaker was entertaining and some of the phrases were really deep but he insisted that nobody takes notes so I don’t remember his “pearls”, apart from “… be in the now“.

I did connect with people but it made me so tired and for some reason it makes me treat networking events like necessary evil.

Once I had an opportunity to network at the Houses of Parliament. It was a networking dinner. This is a type of networking that I like. (though to be honest I like everything that involves food).

I also prefer to connect with people online first and then meet them if possible in real life. Recently I met my client from New Zealand, she was visiting London, but our first “meeting” happened online.







My friend Andy Lopata, a networking experts says:

“Don’t sell to your network, sell through your network…”

I have  learned a lot from him, and I am very fortunate to moderate his Google Hangouts where he together with Dr Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI, talk about different approaches how to make networking more efficient.

Here is their latest talk “Everything you wanted to know about networking but were afraid to ask”

Every day I work on finishing my ebook. This is what I’ve created today:

What to post on Facebook