Yesterday, I left my corporate job and started my journey as a solopreneur.

My business was always something  like a hobby – I was doing before going to office or after coming home.  It was time-consuming and expensive hobby.

My weekends were always devoted to work. I wasn’t working only when I was ill.

Finally it’s over. I am my own BOSS.  My dream has come true.

I am happy and realistic at the same time. I am the biggest advocate of positive thinking and power of thoughts, after all it got me where I am now, though I understand that it’s going to be the biggest reality check for me.

First 90 days are crucial. This will build foundation for my future success. It’s not just about believing in myself, it’s about creating habits that will help me to become a successful entrepreneur.

One of the insights –  after leaving my day job I have lost my excuse of not having enough time or energy as a reason for not being super successful in generating money from my business.

Another moment of truth – it seems that my closest relatives didn’t consider my business as something serious because at the moment they seemed a bit concerned when heard that I am not going to look for another job. I would love to give them a reason to be proud of me instead of worried.

More sensible people would have had more savings to get them by. I have enough money only for 90 days. Of course, if by day 60 nothing is changed, I will start looking for a job, after all I have my financial commitments to meet but I REALLY want this to work. So daily blogging is my way to make sure that it works. I cannot give up on my dream.

My intention is to generate the same amount of income that I had at my previous employment.

Setting intention in writing makes it powerful. Sharing it among group of people who support you, is even more powerful.

This is a video that I’ve created to introduce myself and my mission for the next 90 days.

If you are someone who plans to quit your corporate job soon, join me on my journey.

If quitting your job seems like a wonderful but impossible dream, join me on my journey.

I don’t have all the answers on how to make it successful but I have desire and determination to succeed.

The first achievements of today:

  • Published video as it is without editing because otherwise it will take away time from actually working. It’s not very terrible I am a public speaker in the making.
  • Resisted temptation to redo my website. I found a new WordPress theme and was really tempted to work on it, but it would mean that this post wouldn’t be published on the 1 July.
  • Attempted to start healthy lifestyle but ended up breaking the juicer. The new one has been ordered.
  • The very fact that this blog and video are published means that I’ve implemented one of the million ideas I have in my head.


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