This is my Day 9 of the first 90 days of being a Solopreneur.

Healthy Lifestyle

Many motivational speakers point out necessity to have good health and fit body to run business successfully.

Richard Branson has given up eating beef, not only for health reasons but also to reduce impact on environment. I came this article today

When you understand that quality of your work  and income depends on your energy and vitality levels, looking after oneself becomes an inseparable part of the business plan. Besides when you are self-employed nobody pays for your sick leave.

Even before I started my business as a full-time occupation I had become a health fanatic. I went wheat and sugar free. There are different opinions about being gluten free, but I am not that interested in them, I know that I feel different, much more energised and upbeat than before.

I’ve killed one of my juicers recently while trying to create something super healthy. Now I have bought a nutribullet to take my eating habits to a new level.

I had a session with a wellness coach today and I was mentioning all my plans, she recommended to join “30 day green smoothie challenge” which I plan to start when I finish my ebook, because I know that the moment you start introducing something new, things can get worse.

I am interested in knowing what your tips are on maintaining high energy level and being healthy?

Today’s parts of the ebook :

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