This is my Day 5 of the first 90 days of being a Solopreneur.


The Art of Doing Nothing

Once a week I pick a day when I do nothing. I started doing it even when I couldn’t afford to spend precious weekends without working.

Back then, when I combined employment with my own business, weekends were the only time when I could spend so many hours doing what I really love and catching up on clients’ projects. But even then I knew that I need to have time to recharge my batteries.

Do nothing is a hard thing for a recovering workaholic. In the beginning I had to constantly remind myself not to do any work. I’m getting better at it.

Things to do when you having time-off from your work.

Meeting friends

I find that it is difficult to stay in touch with friends, especially when you live on the other side of a big city. At least once a week I meet with my friend for coffee, luckily she lives nearby but there are some friends whom I haven’t met for months.

Wandering in the streets

I love walking, every time I try to find new routes coming from a local town centre home, I like looking at people’s front gardens ( I know I am weird) .

Working in the garden

I love gardening, when I lived in Latvia, I lived in the block of flats and only in London when I started living in the house with the garden, I discovered that I love gardening. It doesn’t need to be gardening, you can do something that you always didn’t have time for.


I love cooking, it may be because of the process of creation or because I love eating. On “doing-nothing-days” I love trying new recipes. Now when I am into gluten-free eating, I’m learning how to re-create gluten free version of the dishes that I loved and used to it.

Just a note, if you know somebody who is chef or a cookery school owner who need Social Media services, I am their girl. I would love to do Social Media for somebody from food industry.


If you are in relationships, you can organise a date night and spend time just being present for each other.  If you are single like me, give online dating a go. Or at least, promise yourself that you will think about it. This is what I did today, decided that I will address this area of my life since I am more flexible with my time.


Pick a random book from your bookshelf and start reading. This is the way how to come across some specific message. Lately, during last few years, all my books were either about self-development or  for business purposes. I don’t remember when the last time was when I was reading a chick lit.

Treat yourself

Do something for yourself, show some appreciation to yourself.

Doing nothing replenishes your energy, and helps to get back to work with more ideas. I find it really helpful even though sometimes it is still challenging for me.