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Picture this: 


You check your emails and find out that there are several emails from people who inquire about opportunities to work with you. They came across your Facebook page, signed for your newsletters and really enjoy reading them. They need  and want what you offer…”



Wouldn’t it be great? And all you needed to do was to open your inbox.


Well, that’s not entirely true, before that you have done everything to let them  find you, haven’t you?

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If your Facebook page lacks essential features then no matter how much money you spend, even if you get thousands of likes, it won’t generate you paying customers!


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People who worked with me say:


PatriciaBefore I met Inga Deksne, I was like most other 50+ women out there. Unsure of Facebook marketing and not a clue how to start. In a few easy steps Inga has shown and given me ideas to transform the way I work. The great thing now is I feel up to speed in the 21st century. No longer relying on outdated sales methods, I’m now flying high with an established Facebook Fanpage. To not work with Inga is a missed opportunity’  Patricia Lyon, CEO & Founder at PHEW Psychology of Health, Eating and Weight  http://www.facebook.com/psychologyofhealtheatingweight


andy“Inga has a natural understanding of how to use Facebook effectively that leads to her sharing common sense tips that are easy to implement and lead to strong results that can transform the way you use Facebook for your business.”
 Andy Lopata, Author of 3 books on networking including ‘…and Death Came Third!’ and ‘Recommended: How to Sell Through Networking and Referrals’



donna“I had an informative session with Inga, where she was able to review my Facebook page and recommended some quick and easy steps that I was able to implement immediately. Inga displayed a wealth a knowledge on the subject of social and would not hesitate to recommend her expertise .I now have a better understanding of social media of how it can promote my services thanks to Inga.”   Donna Noble, Bikram Yoga Instructor    http://www.donnanobleyoga.co.uk/   http://www.facebook.com/donna.noble.yoga



About Inga

2013“Let me help you,” this phrase and a glass of champagne started my journey as a Facebook expert and Social Media Strategist.

My very first Social Media client was a champagne bar. It was a great place with interesting food and interior and it seemed very inconvenient that I cannot let my friends on Facebook know that I had just discovered a cool place.

This continues to be my driving force. I can’t bear a thought that so many businesses remain unknown to a wider public only because they don’t feel confident around using Social Media to promote themselves.

I teach business owners to use Social Media, and Facebook in particular, to generate more leads and attract more customers.