Ideally  you have created your business because you are good at something and you are passionate about what you are doing.
People who work with you are happy about your products or services. For some people meeting you may be literally a life-saving/ changing experience.

Do you believe that you have a gift that you can offer to the world?

Do you agree that if more people know about your services or products the more impact you can make in the world?
Do enough people know about your services?

I am fortunate enough to come across extra-ordinary  people who have amazing talents they want to share with their potential clients.
Recently I was lucky to experience “The Forgive the Past Process” created by Victoria Comiskey.  I knew that events from the past can influence my successes in the present and if there are unresolved issues they drain your energy immensely.

What I did not know that our mind can be so powerful and suppress unpleasant memories. So I believed that I am not affected by bearing the grudge against someone.

That’s why even though I knew Victoria for a while and heard of the Forgive the Past process I was sure that it’s not for me. I didn’t know that dealing with constant challenges in my life lately has something to do with releasing my resentment. Only after initial session with Victoria it became clear to me.  I was pleasantly shocked by the effect the process had on me and how it impacted events in my life.
The point of my story is that there are many people who are not aware of Victoria’s gift. They don’t know that her gift can give them that breakthrough they were waiting for such a long time.
There are many people who are not aware of your gift. Even if you are content with how your business performs financially, I believe that you want to serve more people.

Imagine how many people need your gift but they just can’t find you. Let me share how Victoria helped people to find her gift.

Look at this post  on her Facebook page – it was shared 118 times.

Victoria participated in my online programme “Get your first 1,000 fans on Facebook”. I asked Victoria to share her experience with the course and how it impacted her business:

What was your expectations from the course?
As newbie to using Facebook as part of my business, I suppose I wasn’t too sure what to expect as online marketing has appeared to me as quite the nebulous mystery. Having worked with Inga before I knew she would be patient and explain things simply and effectively to me.  My expectation was to gain more of an understanding of the world of Facebook and online marketing.

What results have you achieved?
What I actually ended up with was a very effective way of reaching the people that I know I am here to serve. I have met my “tribe” online and can now communicate with them directly.  I have increased the likes to my page by 360% and have doubled my revenue stream.  I understand Facebook insights and am almost a master at creating beautiful and effective ads in Power editor. I understand how to manage by Facebook ads and my Facebook budget to get the best results. This has given me control and peace of mind over my online marketing and more importantly over connecting and attracting the right clients into my business.


Social Media in general and Facebook in particular allow more people to discover your services. It is simpler that you may think. On 6 November I will announce a special price for the course “Get your first  1,000 fans on Facebook page”, leave the details to receive updates about upcoming training.