How many people do see your posts?

Do you feel that you get a return on your efforts and time you invest into Facebook?

Or do you feel that Facebook wants to rip you off and blocks all your best intention to reach your fans?

In my video I’ve made an attempt to give you some recommendations what you can do to become more visible to your fans.

There are many reasons why you don’t get results from your Facebook page but before ditching your page all together look at your statistics.

Find out what works for your page and what doesn’t.

Tell me how regularly you post on your page and I will tell you what can be one of the reasons why you don’t reach as many fans as you wish.

A quick test for you.

Do you know

  • which of your posts get more visibility?
  • which of them get more engagement?

Do you publish only links to your blogs?

Do you only share other people’s posts?

Is it only status or only pictures on your page?

Knowing answers to these questions give you hints what needs to be done to improve the situation.
In the comments below please share whether you get wanted results from your Facebook activities. Please share what works for you or what doesn’t. How much time daily do you spend on your page?
If you ready to give up on your Page, please post the link of your Facebook page if you wish me to have a look at it.