Are you active on Social Media?

Have you ever said that Social Media takes so much time but you don’t see any results?

This article will explain possible reasons for that and what you can do about it.


Facebook is one of the most “dangerous” places where you can meet the cutest Time Thieves. You won’t notice how several hours pass and you haven’t done anything to communicate with your followers.

Let me give you some examples:


Some of them are extremely silly, but when you see your friends’ results you are very tempted to find out about yourself, it just a human nature.

time thieve on Social Media


Emotional videos:

the ones that make you cry, you know, those which restore your believe in human kindness.

homeless man

Original video can be watched here. It will cost you 4 min 31 sec. But it’s very moving story I loved it.

Videos about babies and animals:

you just can’t resist.

baby video

Watch video here. All Evian ads are brilliant. Cost you 1 minute 16 sec.

Why are they so seductive and what you can learn from them?

  • They all have very powerful titles and intriguing description.
  • They are easy to share, just with one click.
  • We love those time of distractions, for a minute or two it makes us forget about all our deadlines or endless to-do-list. Their message touches our soul, they make us smile, and cry, and laugh.
  • They offer us more. If you notice when you click on the link it will give you another 3 options with similarly inviting captions, and 3 minutes grow into hours.

trending articles

here is the video about a dog who was rescued from a garbage damp, it’s a heartbreaking story with a happy ending.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these videos and I think it’s brilliant that they are shared raising awareness about what is happening in the world and how each of us can make an impact at least by sharing these stories. But when it gets in a way of getting work done then it turns into distraction.

How to avoid distraction?

It’s easy!

when you work on your Business page on Facebook, switch to “Use Facebook as your Page”.

While you are in this mode notifications or messages from your friends are not coming in.

News feed shows only information that come from pages you have liked as your page.

use fb as page


The only drawback to this approach is that it won’t allow you to participate in the group discussions.

Be professional about your activities on Facebook or any other Social Media channel.

Decide for yourself how much time you will devote to pure work or online networking and stick to it.

If you come across some cute, funny. emotional video use this amazing tool it’s called Pocket. It allows you to store all information in the folders on the Internet and you can return to it and enjoy watching them without that nagging feeling that you should be working instead.

Watch this video, you will see what I was talking about:

How much time per day do you devote for Social Media activities for your business?