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Creating Facebook Content Calendar – A step-by-step guide

This is a version of how you can create A Facebook Content Calendar to get more visibility on Facebook without spending too much time.

Even if you just create a structure without putting content pieces in place it will save you loads of time. I’ve based my calendar on 6 posts per day, you can do more or less according to your preference, in order to be able to see any results I would recommend to have at least 3 posts per day – morning, noon and afternoon/evening.

First start with post types:

LinkPhotoBlogVideoupdateLink. Photo. Blog.Video.Update

I use post-it note to make sure that I have included a variety of posts during the day.

Then you need to go to google calendar and create a new calendar.


setting up a new calendar


After that you can name i,t for instance, Facebook calendar, select the time zone.

If you want to outsource you can share it with the person who will be publishing your posts for you, and they won’t have access to your other calendar.

saving calendar


If you use the Google calendar for other activities, in order to work with content calendar you need to choose an option “Display this calendar”

how to work with it


To create structure for the whole week, use the option Repeat event and you can create the whole week under 5 minutes.

daily activities

If you want to know what time is the best for posting look at when is your audience online or at your previous posts, you will find them under the Insights on your Facebook business page.



Below there is an example of a “lazy structure” you have only framework done and check your calendar 10 minutes before posting. I was using the light version to create each  of 6 posts under 5 minute.

light version

The activities offered here can be optimised by using different apps like Buffer. (Currently I have some issues with the app that doesn’t allow me to schedule links that’s why I haven’t mentioned apps in this article.)

How to turn your website visitors into your Facebook fans?

We use Social Media to drive traffic to our website. So it is obvious that we want more people to follow us on our Social Media platforms. When somebody visits your website how easy is it for them to make a decision that they want to follow you, let’s say on Facebook?

visitors to fans

I’ve seen that some of the websites hide their Social Media buttons at the bottom of the site, where they look neatly and pretty. You need to be really interested in a product or service in order to make an extra effort to stay connected.  When they find the “buttons” and click on them they are taken away from the website, most likely they get distracted on Facebook and don’t come back to your website.

Look at these three screen shots below. When is it easier to make a decision to join the Facebook community? When there is just an icon or when you can see that some of your friends are already fans of this business?


In the example above people are not even taken to  the Facebook page, they like the page without seeing it. This is just specifics of the plugin.


Next snapshot is from the website where Connect with Us icons are at the bottom of the page. It looks very nice, but I had to scroll for a while before I came across them.

cute share this

The next example is from my website. I am not saying that I am perfect but I want to show you that it is much easier to say “yes” to the page and become a fan when you see that some of your friends already like this page. It may be the case all of the time, but Facebook usually displays photos of your friends first.

new plugin


I have created a short video to show you, how you can install the plugin. If you already have this plugin make sure that you have the latest one, because Facebook announced that they plan to discontinue the old plugin from June 2015.

Link to the Plugin page.

If you want to learn more about Facebook marketing, join me for 6 week online course “Let’s create Facebook Magic Together”



Finding pictures for your Facebook posts using Google search

When we create posts on Facebook, we want them to be visual and enticing. If you used pictures that you found on Google, you may run into troubles for violating copyrights.

In this post I will share how you can

find pictures for your Facebook post using Google search tools.

I will also list free websites where you can get visual materials for your blogs, Facebook and other Social Media platforms.

1. Go to Google and type your search term, in my examples I used “coffee cups”

Google search tool

2. Click on Search Tools

Google search tools


3. It will give you different options how to filter images and depending on what you choose it will result in the following:



labeled for reuse:

Your results will only include images labeled with a license that allows you to copy and/or modify the image in ways specified in the license.

labeled for commercial reuse:

Your results will only include images labeled with a license that allows you to copy the image for commercial purposes, in ways specified in the license.

labeled for reuse with modification:

Your results will only include images labeled with a license that allows you to copy and modify the image in ways specified in the license.
labeled for commercial reuse with modification:

Your results will only include images labeled with a license that allows you to copy the image for commercial purposes and modify it in ways specified in the license.


NOTE: always check with the chosen picture how you can use it, whether you need to provide attribution or not.


If you want to be 100% sure that you can use pictures freely use these sites:

Sounds dreadful but there are a lot of beautiful pictures.

One of my favourites, you can also submit your photos. I was very pleased that one of my photos was downloaded 17 times.

you need to register there in order to download photos, but they are free.

My favourite paid photo stock site is

you can choose to pay as you go or a monthly subscription where you can download 5 free photos a day which makes a price for one photo around 40p, the main thing is to remember to visit the site daily and download pictures.

If you know more good photo stock websites please post in the comments.

How to schedule posts on Facebook page

How to have posts on Facebook on regular basis?

In order to have a regular presence on Facebook you don’t need to be online every hour; you don’t need to remember to post; you don’t need to agonize what to post.

You can prepare everything in advance. Though I would strongly recommend NOT to use a third party tools for that, use the system within Facebook.


Please see a video below:


What to post on Facebook

There are many recommendations on what and when to post on Facebook. Taking into account that Facebook has made many changes in News Feed algorithm (formula that determines who can see your page’s updates in their news feed and how often), you cannot be sure that recommended post types and timing are suitable for your particular case.

For instance, pictures are among recommended post types, but it doesn’t work for one of my pages, however pictures are the big hit with one of my clients’ pages.

How to know

what to post on Facebook?

The main thing to remember is that you need to monitor your Facebook stats and see what works. for that you need to publish on regular basis.

The video shows how to read the Insights.


 Here is the screen shots:

Facebook insights


To have a wider overview of your stats you need to click on “View all”

There you click on “Posts” and it will show you stats for all your posts.

view all stats


Here you can see how many people have seen your post in their news feed on each given day. These are picture posts, links and status updates. These stats show me that those posts that I’ve shared from other pages and picture posts get less visibility then simple status updates. This gives me a clue if I want more people to see my offers or I want to publish some calls to action, I need to use  status updates.


Example, the first top three posts are status updates, whereas 4th and 5th are posts I’ve shared from other pages. Picture posts are second best visibility wise.

better stats


Personally I do like picture posts, if I see pages which is full of status updates and links, it seems dull and unappealing.  And I don’t want to have a page without pictures, only because Facebook “has chosen” to expose them less.

This is what I did:

I published a status update post, and then in the comments below add an additional question and a picture. In the news feed my post looked like this:




On my page it looked like that and you can see how many people saw it:

pic and comment


If you post several pictures at one go it will be treated as status updates and not a photo, so if the status updates get more visibility you can publish at least two pictures at the same time and it will may increase your visibility.

If you post pictures on regular basis and the content resonates with your audience, you will see that reach of your photo posts will increase eventually.

how to post several pictures at once on

I saw from my insights that post with links are not doing that great either. But I want to drive traffic back to my website, so I adjusted my way of publishing links. By the way I saw people adding links in the comment box, the same way as I did with the picture post above.

Another way how to make sure that your posts with links get more visibility is taking away the preview option:

take away link picture


You click on the cross and it takes away the preview of the website, and click post. Facebook classifies it as a status update and gives more visibility.



This is what works for me, but the situation is completely different for my clients’ pages. You need to read your insights and make adjustments before you try to get more visibility via paid ads.

Please in the comments below share which of your posts get more reach.


You can read more on how to read insights here

How to monitor your Social Media Presence with Hootsuite

Why Hootsuite?

hootsuite_iconHootsuite is a software that I use to monitor information across Social Media channels. There are many different other tools but I prefer Hootsuite. I use it to schedule posts on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

I don’t use it for scheduling posts on Facebook.

It’s a free tool if you use up to 5 accounts (Facebook profile, Facebook Business page, LinkedIn, Twitter make four accounts already, you can add Google+ if you use it and you can still use this tool for free).

Benefits of using Hootsuite:

  • You can monitor and interact on various channels from one place.

  • You can see posts and comments and can reply.

  • You can schedule posts across different media channels at one go.

It is particularly handy if you have a blog, because it allows you to write a teaser and add link, and post across various channels. It works better for the blog in comparison if you just share a link to your blog.

Some suggestions:

Don’t post the same content on your Facebook page and your Facebook profile, don’t duplicate the content, because it looks mechanical. If your fans are also your friends on your personal profile their news feed shows two identical messages from you.

It also doesn’t do good for your engagement level.

If you want to share a content on both accounts, first publish on your Facebook business page and then share it to your personal profile.


The software itself has a lot of tutorials so if you are interested in applying this tool you need to sign up and play with it.

Hashtag on Facebook – everybody talks about it

One of the latest changes on Facebook is


What I love about Facebook is that they constantly improve their features and help business owners to be discovered.

Somehow Facebook introduced # hashtags only recently, it’s been widely used by Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for a long time (in the end of the blog there is a picture about history of hashtag).

If you are a business owner you should include hashtags into your marketing toolkit.

This is a tool that allows you to be discovered when somebody is looking for particular services or products. In the video below I am showing you how you can use hashtags in your marketing.

Become strategic when use hashtags – when you come up with the name for it, think about what people might type in the search box. There is no point in coming up with a fancy name if nobody uses it. If you want to use your business name as hashtag use it together with common use keywords. For instance, if I want to establish online marketing  explorers as a brand name, I will be using it alongside with more common search terms as marketing or online marketing:

#onlinemarketingexplorers #marketing #onlinemarketing


In order to make it clickable you need to type #keyword (without any gaps).

Use it when you post on your computer and also when you type on your mobile, it doesn’t work on mobile yet but when people read your posts on computer they can follow your hashtags.

Please leave in the comments below whether you use hashtags on Facebook or other Social Media channels. What is your attitude towards Facebook as a marketing platform?

Typing a word “hashtag” in the search box I found this interesting picture that shows history of a hashtag:

Source: The History of the #Hashtag——By Kevin Basset

The History of the #Hashtag——By Kevin Basset

Let’s explore online marketing opportunities!

This post starts a new path of my journey as a marketing explorer.

Talking to many entrepreneurs I’ve noticed that some of them postpone activities of marketing their services online only because they don’t know how to do it and where to start. Technology seems very scary to them.

I do believe that business owners should focus on business development rather than technology and everything that can be outsourced should be outsourced.

But sometimes there are times when you have to operate with what you have and where you are. I am not an expert in website creation but sometimes I like to evoke my Inner Geeky Goddess and build my own website. I’ve created this website from scratch all by myself. I’ve done it even twice, because the first time around I did something wrong with the settings and the site went very weird.

Here comes my insight of the day:

When you start doing something and think that you rubbish at it, and feel insecure, most likely that you will get  results that prove that you are right. Always choose being curious when start something new.

Being very passionate about Facebook marketing, one of the first things that I’ve done was installing a “Like box” on my website. If you want to attract more fans on your Facebook page, you need to offer people to like your page without leaving your website.

To add “The Like Box” on your website you need to go to


You can modify the way “Like Box” looks. After that you copy the code and insert where you want it to appear on your website, or you can ask your website person to do it for you. All you need to do is to send them a link to Facebook page plugin and your Facebook pages url.





Please in the comments below describe what your attitude towards modern technologies is. Do you prefer a DIY approach or you would outsource skills to save time?