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How to use social media efficiently for online networking

Social Media can be time and energy drain if you don't create systems around it. In the beginning it will require some sort of willpower to make this activity as a habit but soon enough you will see positive results in your business because of that.

One of the mistakes business owners make is wanting to have "viral" content and engagement without engaging themselves.

Social Media is perfect either to connect with fellow entrepreneurs that you've never met in real life or deepen relationships with those whom you met at networking events or seminars etc.​

To save time I would recommend that once a month (at the end of the month) you look through your online connections  on all social media platforms that you ​use.

Note: if you do it once a week it will take you less time.

The idea is that first you go through connections and create a list only, schedule in the calendar when you are going to connect with them and stick to your schedule.

Below there are examples how you can see quickly who your new connections are.

Note: by connecting I don't meant that you send them a link with your offer or add them to your mailing list without their permission. I am talking being really interested in the other person. ​

Facebook Personal profile  can be used for business very successfully, the rule here is simple - be interested in other people. Don't try to sort them out with your offers either free or paid, make a connection first. 

In my books, the person who sends a friend request should be the first one who follows up with a message but very often it's not the case.

Below you can see how you can see your latest connections. Make a note in your calendar when you are going to connect with them, but before that look at their profile - what's happening in their lives, whether you have common friends - this will help you to start the conversation.

Big no-no for me is when somebody sends me a friend request and send after I've accept sends me an invitation to like their page, they've got unfriended straight away.​


Similarly, on LinkedIn you can sort your contacts by date when you connected and reach out to the newest first. At this time you don't need to send them messages; put the date in the calendar when you are going to do it. At the moment we are focusing on the overview.


If you use Instagram just for posting pretty pictures and you are not focusing on increasing engagement then you can skip this step. But even out of interest you can find out who is following you and you may choose to follow them back. (you don't have to)​

Go to your Instagram account on desktop and click on "Followers" ​

This a great app to have clarity about your followers on Instagram 


Currently I am not using Twitter actively but once a month I look at my followers and choose whether I want to follow them back. ​ When you go to your Twitter account you click on your Followers tab and see all new connections. 

Some people have a nasty habit to follow you and then unfollow, these people definitely are not your potential business collaborators or clients, to eliminate these unfollowers I use

If you do these activities weekly it will take you less time to implement. Remember to allocate some time to build relationships. Networking online is similar to networking in real life, only difference is that you use virtual space.

If you want to learn how become more efficient with your networking activities I  recommend a great book by Andy Lopata ​"Recommended: How to sell through networking and referrals.

Building connections on social media – March review

Your social media presence - March Review

If you want to be successful with your social media activities, you need to take stock in the end of each month to evaluate the efficiency of your activities so  you can plan your time better for the following month.

Each of social media platforms has its own stats that you can check. I have written an article how you can do it - Social Media MAP.

This month I would like to focus on building connections through your social media platforms. 

Sometimes we connect with followers aimlessly just for the sake of having large following, Last week I was running Facebook Adventure challenge where I was mentioning the importance of connecting with people. 

Be curious about people. Show interest first! Reach out!

Click to Tweet

Create a habit to do it weekly then it will take you less time if you do it on regular basis. 

Choose one or two platforms and send private messages to people who connected with you recently. Just by doing this exercise I've noticed that some of my connections have connected with me both on Facebook and LinkedIn but we have't exchanged messages. 

I personally assume whoever reach out to connect follow up with a short message. But we can be proactive and start conversation ourselves. 

What about you? How do you connect with people via social media? Do you proactively seek new connections?

3 stages of live broadcasting – how it impacts your business

This article is written to help entrepreneurs who haven’t tried live broadcasting yet, or tried a couple of times but haven’t turn it into a business tool. It doesn’t cover technical aspects (which button to press) it’s more about mindset and how to overcome any internal blocks of using live broadcasting tools.

Many business owners know that livestreaming is hot right now and it is the easiest and fastest way to connect with your audience . Yet, not many businesses embrace it. Facebook is actively promoting the use of Facebook live, if you use Facebook Live on your business page you will see that it gets more organic reach than your other posts.

Facebook is heavily investing in promoting the use of Facebook Live, in London you can see these ads at the bus stop.

bus stop ad FB

I have “convinced” many business owners to give it a try at least once. You most likely won’t get customers after the first or second live broadcast but you will become more visible to people who never heard of you before, and based on your content they can become loyal followers, and then customers.

In this article I would like to talk about 3 stages of live broadcasting that influences whether you become a proficient broadcaster or you have disappointing results.

3 stages of live broadcasting – how it impacts your business

Stage 1 – Pre-broadcasting

This stage starts from the moment when you decide that you are going to do a live broadcast. It can be the case that you feel determined to do it on regular basis and embrace technology and unease of a livestreaming.

The length of this stage depends on how much inner resistance kicks in. You may come up with the excuse that you don’t have a fancy tripod or place to do the broadcast, or you have a face for radio on that day.

It’s important at this stage to be aware that these are only excuses. You can create a stand from your books while you are waiting for your tripod to arrive. As you can see in the image below there was my very first broadcast two years ago and I had to be creative to make sure that people can see me.

Adobe Spark (25)

To make sure that you move swiftly from stage 1 to stage 2 the best way is just do it – jot down ideas that you are going to talk about, and press the button. Start your broadcast with welcoming replay viewers and greeting live viewers.

Stage 2 – Live broadcast

This stage is the easiest one. Once you’ve pressed GO Live there is no way back and you just go ahead.

Don’t worry if nobody is watching you live, tailor your broadcast for the replay viewers, besides you always can repurpose your content and if there is no interaction it means that you have less editing work to do.

Things to remember at this stage – it’s a talk, it’s not a presentation. Yes, it helps, if you have a structure of your talk, but the essence of the livestream is interaction. You want engagement not just to deliver your talk.

If you still don’t feel brave enough to try livestreaming, connect with me, I have great record at converting newbies into active livestreamers.


Stage 3 – after the broadcast

This stage determines how soon you are going to do your next broadcast. At this stage there is a tendency to be super self-critical and judgmental. Sometimes you want to delete your broadcast as soon as it is finished.

Self-reflection is useful only when you are focusing on how you can improve your performance rather than keeping digging into what went wrong, and that you are not going to do it ever again. We tend to be our harshest critics.

You need to understand that the only way to improve your livestream presence is only by practising it on a regular basis. Yes to listening to training on how to do live broadcasts; yes to read tips on improving your presentation skills; watch other broadcasters and pick up their techniques, but ultimately you need to do live broadcasts on regular basis if you want to be good at doing them.

Your viewers don’t want you to be perfect, they want to learn from you and learn about you.

I have set a support group that helps you to get your social media activities done, including practising livestreaming in a safe and supportive environment Social Media Mastery and Business Journey Club.


Priority tickets (1)

Do you make these 5 silly Facebook advertising mistakes?

Some business owners still remember the time when their fans could see almost all of their posts and now they resent the idea that Facebook doesn’t provide full exposure.

It seems that only “organic reach” shows how successful or not you are on Social Media. It’s a misconception.

We need to remember that  a few years ago a number of business pages was significantly smaller, the competition for space in the news feed was less. It’s impossible to cram updates from all of your friends, groups, and pages you are following in the news feed. Facebook wants to provide a good experience for its user that’s why updates from the pages are shown only when fans are engaged with the content.

Mistake N1 Not running Facebook ads at all

If you never tried Facebook ads before because you don’t know how to do it, don’t let it stop you from having success with your Facebook marketing. Facebook ads are one of the cheapest forms of advertising.

If you want to have a business rather than an expensive hobby than you need to become serious about investing in your marketing. I’m not suggesting that you need to hire me (though I would be thrilled to help you). I’m saying that you need to become serious about wanting to serve your future customers. You need to let people find you.

Facebook ads are not just about getting new fans. Facebook ads can help drive traffic to your website, events or offers.

Mistake N2 Using the easiest promotion option

You have probably noticed that Facebook from time to time suggests to promote posts or reach the new milestone and get new likes.

When you never tried ads this option seems much easier, yes, it offers some targeting as well. There are times when you can just boost post and reach as many people as you can but usually you are better off when you create your ad via Ads Manager or Power Editor.

One of my clients have two different pages, one fan base was built using page like ads via Ads Manager, the other page via the option Promote page. It seemed that second page got more fans quicker but engagement level remained low. Whereas whilst it took time to build community around the first page the engagement level is always high.

My recommendation – do some extra work and use Ads Manager or Power Editor to create your ads.

Mistake N3 Give up too early

A typical scenario – you’ve set up an ad, put a lot of money but no results. So you stop the ad, curse the Facebook and swear never spend money on those stupid ads.

First of all, you need to give at least 24 hours to see whether ad is working or not. I used to make this mistake and if I didn’t get wanted results on the first day I scrapped the ad and started everything from scratch.

The reason why your ad may not be working is that your sales page is not converting, or your offer is not compelling enough, or the picture for your ad is not catching attention. Which brings us to mistake N4

Mistake N 4 Not monitoring your ad

You need to monitor your ads daily to see how they perform. You can’t just create an ad and forget about it. You need to see whether it works or not. If you don’t have enough clicks it means that either copy or picture is not working. When you make changes, make one change at a time. This is what I like about Facebook ads you can tweak them on the go, you don’t need to redo the whole ad, just adjust different elements.

Mistake N5 Not knowing your numbers

Before you start your ad you need to know your numbers so you can see whether you are making money back with your ads or you are losing. If you direct people to you offer that brings you £2,000 as a result, do you think that £200 is too much of investment? Without getting clear what results bring you profit there is no point in doing the ad at all.

             Let’s explore Facebook Ads together during the series of free live training.



How to integrate your activities on Busker on Facebook business page

In this article I am talking about how to

integrate your activities on Busker on your Facebook business page.

Sharing how to:

  • promote your scheduled broadcast on Facebook;
  • repurpose your broadcast after the show.

Busker is one the newest livestream apps emerging in the digital world. While it doesn’t have many users yet in comparison to Periscope for instance, it does have features that other livestream apps don’t provide.

On Busker you can get paid directly by your viewers without them leaving the broadcast and you can schedule your broadcast.

I embrace new apps but I always find the ways how I can combine it with Facebook. Not only because Facebook is my favourite platform but because it is one of the biggest players in the market and people are hanging there by default.  Besides the Busker app is new and there are not that many users yet, so you may want to invite your Facebook friends to join you.

NOTE: when this article was created there wasn’t an option for Android users but it’s coming very soon, meanwhile people can watch you on desktop (without being able to interact)

Busker has this super feature that you can schedule your profile.  When you create a broadcast you can choose to share it on Twitter automatically. Technically you can do on Facebook as well but personally for me that option is grayed out.

I will show you how you can promote your Busker presence both on your Facebook personal profile and your business page.

How to promote your upcoming show on Busker on Facebook.

After you have scheduled your broadcast, you need to share the link to it, so people can subscribe. Click on the icon:



scheduled post

It will take you to this screen:



After you’ve clicked on the Facebook icon you will see the following screen, click on the arrow “>”

share to


You will be given a choice either to share to your personal timeline or in the groups. You can’t share the link simultaneously to different places. If you want to share on your personal profile and in the groups – share on your profile first and then share from your profile into the groups.

NOTE: if you are not an admin of the group, before you share the link to your Busker broadcast, make sure that the group admin is ok with you to share and you are not overstepping any group rules.

When you share on your profile make sure that the settings for that post is set on public thus it can be easily shared by anyone and is visible also to people who are not friends with you on Facebook. If the post is not public you won’t be able to share it on your business page:

where to share


This is how it can look on your personal profile:

how it looks on Busker app


Now you need to share it on your Facebook page as well. These are steps you need to take to share from your phone. when you click on Share button these options will appear, Click on “Write post”


sharing from the profile


By default Facebook will offer you to post on your Timeline, you need to click on “Tap to Change” and choose your page. Make sure that it’s a public post so you can share to your page.

tap to change


This is how you share links to your scheduled Busker broadcasts.

How to repurpose your Busker broadcasts.

You can share the replay links the same way. But most likely Facebook will decrease organic reach for those posts because they don’t want you to lead people away from the page.

If you broadcasts are no longer than 20 minutes you can save them on your telephone or iPad and then upload directly on Facebook. Like this:


Hope to see you on my Busker broadcasts – Inga Deksne||Social Media Magic

If you have any questions around Social Media, please join my free Facebook group “Social Media Magic with Inga”


Social Media Makeover Sessions -birthday offer

June is the month when I celebrate my birthday. I love receive presents and at the same time I love giving gifts.
I would love to give you



This article can be labeled as commercial but since I give away my expertise for a significantly reduced price, it is a gift!
We know that Social Media has become an inseparable part of marketing and it brings results, though sometimes it seems that you pour money and time into your Social Media presence but you are not getting any results.
I want you to be able to get clarity first before you set up any news ads or create one hundred posts. Let me help you to save money and time!
I have a gift of finding how to utilise Social Media to meet your business needs, I am not showing off, my claim is based on the results my clients got.
Jill testimonial
victoria“I had created a new service that I wanted to offer out to my existing and new clients and from previous experience using traditional advertising wanted to find a way to get my message in front of the right people and more importantly make it easy from them to approach me.  I knew that Facebook was the cleverest way of doing this but find Facebook bewildering and a little daunting.  I has also heard horror stories of people spending large sums of money on advertising through Facebook so wanted to make sure I did things properly.  I signed up one to one help with Inga and I am so delighted with the results.  She made it so easy for me to set up, patiently explained what I did not understand and most importantly I ended up generating approximately €2000 from a combination of emails and €30 Facebook advertising.   The very interesting thing for me was that some of the people that responded to Facebook also received emails but did not see the emails.  Inga made it very simple, easy and straightforward and I highly recommend her.”
My Social Media and Facebook Ad Makeover sessions were introduced recently but already proved to be very efficient.
They are priced at £197.
To celebrate my birthday I am offering each session for £97. 
You can choose any from the list, or you can book several sessions. You don’t need to use all of them at once. Please have a look what is on offer today:
Social Media Makeover Session: (90 minutes)
Social Media Makeover SessionThis is a sample of what this session includes (it can be tailored made after our initial conversation):

⇒ A brief analysis of current presence on Social Media

⇒ Matching your ideal audience with a suitable Social Media platform

⇒ Choosing one or two main Social Media platform(s) that can give the best results for your business

⇒ Creating a Personalised Social Media MAP  (Monthly Action Plan)

⇒ Providing tutorials (up to 10) to implement Social Media MAP

Facebook Ad Makeover:  ( 90 minutes)

⇒ A brief analysis of your previous ads (if applicable).

⇒ Choosing the best most suitable type of ad for your offer”.

⇒ Setting up an ad (with one visual if necessary)

⇒ 7 days of monitoring your new ad.

⇒ Facebook Ad tutorial

This birthday offer of £97 is valid till 11 June, the session itself can be booked  any time till 11 July 2016.
I’ve created this post to bundle my birthday offer together and make it easier to share. If you know somebody who would benefit from it, please share.

11 Tips on using Facebook Live for your business

11 Tips on using Facebook Live for your business

Livestreaming is becoming more and more popular. There are so many opportunities now to connect with people all around the world in a live mode. Now your followers can see the real you, not the polished video but real you, and they can communicate with you in a real time.

I think if you are serious about your business you can’t ignore livestream. In this article I would like to talk about Facebook Live, I prefer it better to Periscope, though I believe that we need to maintain presence on both platforms.


Some recommendations on using Facebook Live:

Check if you have this option:

Currently almost IOS users (iPhone and iPad) have them. You can check it by looking for a Facebook Live icon in your status bar. See the picture below.

facebook live icon

Facebook live icon


Use Facebook live on both – your personal profile and Business page.

To use it on your business page make sure that you have Facebook Page Manager app installed on your phone.

Advantages of using FB live on your profile:

♦ Your friends get notification that you go live, thus more interaction.

♦ Build closer connection with people on your friends list, especially with those who are not your close friends.

♦ Let your friend know what you do for a living, so they may refer you to their friends.

♦ It can be both personal life related “I am walking my dog” or work related “…I am working on a new webinar”.


Advantages of having Facebook live on your Business page:

♦ Usually Facebook Live gets wider reach than other post types;

♦ Even though in the beginning  it has less interaction than on your Personal profile but it allows your fans to connect with you on a human level, even when they watch the replay;

♦ It allows your fan to get to know you not only as your industry expert but also as a person.


It is tempting to do Facebook Live on Personal profile rather on your Business page because you get higher numbers on your personal profile (see the picture below, both shows where done on the same day , one on personal profile with more than 100 views and on personal page with 1 person).

Stats after live show on the Personal Profile


I would recommend that you spend more time developing your livestreaming on Facebook business page.


Here are some tips how you can get more viewers on your business page:

1.Announce your shows in advance – both on your business page and personal profile, give several time zones.


2. Try to see if doing the show at the same time increases the number of live viewers.


3. Create catchy titles of your livestream broadcast.


 4. State the topic to your livestream in the first 10 seconds, and only after that introduce yourself.


5.Your shows needs to be longer than 10 minutes because it will gives an opportunity to more people to notice that you have went live.


6. In the end of the show invite people to subscribe to  your live shows.

subscribe button

7. Send out invitation to your email subscribers about times of your live shows.


8.Create a separate list for your livestream viewers where they can get updates about your upcoming shows.


9.Share the livestream to your personal profile during the show and / or share the replay to your personal profile.


10. Ask viewers to share your broadcast while they are watching or the replay.


11. Use Facebook ads to promote your shows. (See how Sarah Prout is promoting her Monday Q & A session.)

sponsored option


Consistency is the key – the more regularly you do it the better you become. Don’t be put off my nobody showing up. It takes time to build the following.

You can also do the Facebook live in the group, you don’t need to be admin, and people in the group will get notifications that you are going live, though check with the Group’s admin if it is ok. here is how you can do it:



December is the last month when you can book a one-off Social Media Makeover Session! You can use it 3 months from the purchase date.




Creating Facebook Content Calendar – A step-by-step guide

This is a version of how you can create A Facebook Content Calendar to get more visibility on Facebook without spending too much time.

Even if you just create a structure without putting content pieces in place it will save you loads of time. I’ve based my calendar on 6 posts per day, you can do more or less according to your preference, in order to be able to see any results I would recommend to have at least 3 posts per day – morning, noon and afternoon/evening.

First start with post types:

LinkPhotoBlogVideoupdateLink. Photo. Blog.Video.Update

I use post-it note to make sure that I have included a variety of posts during the day.

Then you need to go to google calendar and create a new calendar.


setting up a new calendar


After that you can name i,t for instance, Facebook calendar, select the time zone.

If you want to outsource you can share it with the person who will be publishing your posts for you, and they won’t have access to your other calendar.

saving calendar


If you use the Google calendar for other activities, in order to work with content calendar you need to choose an option “Display this calendar”

how to work with it


To create structure for the whole week, use the option Repeat event and you can create the whole week under 5 minutes.

daily activities

If you want to know what time is the best for posting look at when is your audience online or at your previous posts, you will find them under the Insights on your Facebook business page.



Below there is an example of a “lazy structure” you have only framework done and check your calendar 10 minutes before posting. I was using the light version to create each  of 6 posts under 5 minute.

light version

The activities offered here can be optimised by using different apps like Buffer. (Currently I have some issues with the app that doesn’t allow me to schedule links that’s why I haven’t mentioned apps in this article.)

How to run giveaways on your Facebook page to grow your list

“Facebook is not a destination but a vehicle to grow your business.”

They say money is in your list, meaning that you can build relationships better communicating with people through their inboxes. It becomes more and more difficult to entice people to part with their email addresses, as we become more selective what we sign up for.  To win a chance to get some gifts seems enticing enough.  Holiday season is perfect for giveaways.  In this article I would like to share some ideas

how to run giveaways on your Facebook page to grow your list.

Main elements:

  • Gift(s) – giveaway
  • Rules
  • Placement
  • Promotion
  • Having fun


  1. The Giveaway

It needs to be related to your business. There is no point in giving away iPad for instance if it is not your business, otherwise you will attract people who want the gift but they are not interested in your products/ services. When the gift is related to your business it will pre-select people who may be interested in what you sell. It can be both – products or services.

    2. Rules

You need to describe the rules of taking part in the competition. You need to include

  • the end date of the giveaway;
  • what actions need to be taken by a participant;
  • participating countries;
  • how the winner will be announced

3. Placement

You can run the contest on the Timeline and also include the element of email collecting but it would require participants to take additional action which may be a turn off. If you run the giveaway on the Timeline you need to observe Facebook rules.

The easiest way to run your giveaway is by using Facebook apps.

There are many Facebook apps that can be used, I used Shortstack. It is easy to set up and manage. It has a free version so you can decide whether you find it suitable for your needs before you commit to a paid version. Make sure that Facebook app is mobile friendly.

Your new Facebook app is visible on your Facebook page as a Tab.  Also change your Cover photo and Call-to-Action to invite people to sign up for your giveaway.


4. Promotion

“Build and they will come” is an illusion. Your giveaway may become viral, of course, but you need to let people know that you are running a giveaway and preferably you would like to attract people who have never heard of you before. Facebook ads can be costly but there are ways how you can decrease your expenses.

You need to run ads for getting Facebook likes (Page promotion) and choose your App as a landing view. Meaning if people click on the picture they will be taken to the Giveaway place. See the picture below.

The process looks like:

⇒ Prepare 3 pictures for the ad – in this case representing the page and the giveaway.

⇒ Go to Ad Manager and choose the ad Promote page.

promote the page

⇒ After you have chosen your target audience and uploaded pictures,

⇒ define the landing view by choosing your Tab.

case study

⇒ Place your order

This method will you give two options – grows your fan base and email list. There are no guarantees that people who liked your page will opt in for the giveaway but still it gives you a better chance to share a message about your page and your giveaway.

Don’t forget that apart from Facebook ads you can create posts on your Facebook page with the link to the Tab.

Click on the link to join our Holiday Giveway free to invite your friends! ( The Raw Greek )

Posted by The Raw Greek on Tuesday, November 24, 2015


You can also invite your existing subscribers  to participate on your Facebook page by sending them a link to your Facebook page. Here is the link to the Facebook post on the Raw Greek Facebook page as an example.

post for the subscribers


5. Having fun

It’s important that you are enjoying the process, otherwise it doesn’t make sense to organise it. One of the reasons why you may not have fun is the fact that you don’t know how to run the competition using Facebook apps. Hopefully this article was of help for you, if you want more help you are welcome to sign up either for the webinar or the course.

Do you want some help how to create your own giveaway campaign but haven’t planned your budget to pay for the services? You have the opportunity to get your Social Media/ Facebook questions answered at the webinar on 2 December – £25 for general public, free for my course participants.


Do you want to make Facebook an efficient tool that brings new business consistently?

Then you can’t miss the opportunity to sign for Facebook Self-Study Course.


How to turn your website visitors into your Facebook fans?

We use Social Media to drive traffic to our website. So it is obvious that we want more people to follow us on our Social Media platforms. When somebody visits your website how easy is it for them to make a decision that they want to follow you, let’s say on Facebook?

visitors to fans

I’ve seen that some of the websites hide their Social Media buttons at the bottom of the site, where they look neatly and pretty. You need to be really interested in a product or service in order to make an extra effort to stay connected.  When they find the “buttons” and click on them they are taken away from the website, most likely they get distracted on Facebook and don’t come back to your website.

Look at these three screen shots below. When is it easier to make a decision to join the Facebook community? When there is just an icon or when you can see that some of your friends are already fans of this business?


In the example above people are not even taken to  the Facebook page, they like the page without seeing it. This is just specifics of the plugin.


Next snapshot is from the website where Connect with Us icons are at the bottom of the page. It looks very nice, but I had to scroll for a while before I came across them.

cute share this

The next example is from my website. I am not saying that I am perfect but I want to show you that it is much easier to say “yes” to the page and become a fan when you see that some of your friends already like this page. It may be the case all of the time, but Facebook usually displays photos of your friends first.

new plugin


I have created a short video to show you, how you can install the plugin. If you already have this plugin make sure that you have the latest one, because Facebook announced that they plan to discontinue the old plugin from June 2015.

Link to the Plugin page.

If you want to learn more about Facebook marketing, join me for 6 week online course “Let’s create Facebook Magic Together”



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