What do a cake and Social Media have in common?

A cake and Social Media – it may be a strange analogy but looking at a multi-layered cake made me think of a complexity of Social Media in our business.

Some business owners think that Social Media is creating profiles on various Social Media channels and then posting links to their blogs hoping that eventually people will come to them and buy their services or products.

For me Social Media is an integral part of overall marketing mix.

If you don’t have a right mindset, strategy or systems in place, Social Media won’t work for you.

Let me demonstrate it with the picture of this cake.

cake and systems


The layers are in no particular order. I personally believe that they are equally important and there are more ingredients to the marketing mix but just for the demonstration purposes I’ve chosen three categories: Mindset, Strategy and Business Systems.

If you are saying that Social Media don’t work for you, look at these three categories and check which one has flaws:

Strategy – are you clear on our overall strategy, and your Social Media strategy. Do you know who your ideal client is, what their interests are and which Social Network they prefer.

Business systems – do you have a lead generation in place, have you set up up your email marketing system to capture email addresses? Do you have a team that allow you to serve more clients?

Mindset – very often it is an overlooked category. Sometimes you can do all right actions but not getting results.


Picture courtesy of http://www.buzzfeed.com/ariellecalderon/people-who-prove-your-baking-could-be-worse#.ix2VBwa1KW

Similar like making a cake following the recipe having all ingredients but the results are far from expected.

If you have limiting beliefs then at some point you will sabotage your success. I have experienced situations when people stopped successful Facebook ads campaign only because they were afraid they couldn’t cope with incoming flood of leads. The problem of limiting beliefs is that they are hidden, and we may be not aware that they are driving force of our decisions.


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