There can be different reasons why your business doesn’t get desired results from Facebook ads.

One of the most obvious reasons –  you are not investing in Facebook ads at all. 

It seems that only “organic reach” shows how successful or not you are on Social Media. It’s a misconception. Some business owners still remember the time when their fans could see almost all of their posts and now they resent the idea that Facebook doesn’t provide full exposure.

We need to remember that few years ago a number of business pages was significantly smaller, the competition for the space in the news feed was less. It’s impossible to cram updates from all of your friends, groups and pages you are following into the news feed.  Facebook wants to provide a good experience for its user that’s why updates from the pages are shown only when fans are engaged with the content.

If you want organic reach you need to provide good quality content, consistently, and when your audience is online. It requires time to do the research, create or outsource content and post. How much does your time cost?

When you pay for your message to be shown to large number of people you make sure that more people who need your services will definitely see your message. What’s wrong with that?

You may have tried Facebook ads in the past and it wasn’t successful so you decided that you are better off without them.

If you never tried Facebook ads before because you don’t know how to do it, don’t let it stop you from having success with your Facebook marketing. Facebook ads are one of the cheapest forms of advertising.

If you want to have a business rather than an expensive hobby than you need to become serious about investing in your marketing. I’m not suggesting that you need to hire me (though I would be thrilled to help you). I’m saying that you need to become serious about wanting to serve your future customers. You need to let people find you.

Facebook ads are not just about getting new fans. Facebook ads can help drive traffic to your website, events or offers.

I am running an online workshop how to create ads on Facebook which allows you to create ads on Facebook. Moreover I offer a 30 day follow-up support so you can run Facebook ads fully supported.

During the workshop I will help you to understand

how to choose what ad type to use
what you need to have in place to have a successful ad
how to create an ad

We will work on how to create ads to

get new likes
get signups for your newsletter
promote your event or offer
use invisible post via Power Editor
get traffic to your blog/ website.

Plus you will get a free 30 day membership to “Social Media Support Hub with Inga” (worth £97)

You can pay for the course right now [nicepaypallite name=”FB ads+workshops” amount=”97.00″]

or you can get more details here

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