One of the best reasons why to have a Facebook business page is

Communication with your fans aka your customers or potential customers.

Sometime business owners forget even to look at this section “Post by others”

posts by others

Any posts that people posted on your timeline or if they mention and tag your page’s name in their comments,  it will appear on your Facebook page in the “Posts by others”. See example below, when somebody tagged my page name (you can make any page clickable if you add @PAGENAME  when you start typing a page name Facebook will give you prompts of available pages)

clickable link

You have to monitor this part very closely as here all the questions or comments will appear. If you ignore them you lose out on communication and other people who visit your page can notice that there is no communication on the page and will leave it. When somebody posts a link or picture it’s not visible onto your main timeline that’s why you need to share it from there. For instance, on my client’s page I posted a picture of my very first cappuccino I made with their device. Because I was posting from my personal profile it went into “Posts by others”, then it was re-posted by the page Admin. See the example below:


Practically you re-share their post on your page again. Add a personal message and share.

share photo

When somebody leaves a testimonial or a good review on your page there is no option to share, but it is something what you want your fans to see as well. In this case you take a screenshot of their testimonial and post as a picture. There is an example below, when I just started my Social Media Services I didn’t have a separate page for that and a happy customer let her message on my Coaching page.


As you can see there is no option to share this post, that’s why I took a screenshot and posted it on the page. You can do the same if somebody ask you a question, you answer in the comments below but you want as many people as possible to read your answer, that’s why you post a screen shot on your page and invite people to submit their question and increase engagement. In my next post I will show you different ways how you can take a screenshot and demonstrate behind the scenes actions. Stay tuned. In the comments below please let me know what else you would like to know about Facebook marketing or become a fan on my page Online Marketing Explorers and leave your questions/comments there.