“I never had clients coming through Facebook…” this was a phrase I’ve come across recently.

Not getting results from activities on Facebook is a common theme that I hear from business owners.

I’ve been offering free Facebook strategy sessions that allowed me to examine lots of pages to see that there are some commonalities why business owners don’t get results from their activities on Facebook.

1. “A Visitor’s approach”

If you post randomly when you “feel like it” then you won’t get enough reach and your posts will remain unnoticed. One post a day is the very minimum that you can afford, especially if your fan base is under 1,000 likes. Look at the reason N3.

2. Broadcasting

It links to the “visitor’s approach” – you post on Facebook only when you need to announce something. Even if you offer something for free, you still remain a stranger to many of your followers, besides as I mentioned before, if you post once in a while you don’t reach enough people,  so your fans simply don’t see your offer.

3. False visibility or entitlement to visibility

When I post something on my page, all my fans automatically see it in their newsfeed.  A slight variation of this misconception – Facebook should show it to all my fans, I am not paying for sending out the content. There are limited amount of updates that can be shown on any given Timeline, that’s why your updates are seen only by fans who engage with your content.

4. Ignoring Stats

Facebook has Insights that show you what works and what’s not. It also shows when people are online so you can schedule time for a post. Mind you, if you post randomly it won’t give you much information because you can’t see the trends. That’s why I recommend to post at least 3 times per day to see what works what’s not.

5. A “One-trick pony” approach

Using the same post type all the time – either only photos or only links, or just status updates. You can present the same information in a different ways.  Offer variety of posts and see what’s working.

6. Doing business only on  a rented territory

It’s been a lot of discussions that Facebook is squeezing money out of business owners for the rights to communicate with the fans, and how unfair it is.

Facebook gives you a platform for communication but you can’t use it as the only marketing tool and base all your activities only there. There are can be glitches in the system and your page may disappear, or any other reasons why you cannot access Facebook any more.  You need to use Facebook to build your list and communicate with your audience via emails too.

7. Over-using automation

Obviously you can’t spend all your time on Facebook, you need to schedule your activities. The mistake what business owners do is to link Twitter and Facebook accounts, when, for instance, you publish something on Twitter, it automatically appears on Facebook and vice verse. Using Hootsuite to schedule majority of your posts.

You should use Facebook scheduler for that.

8. Not allocating budget for Facebook ads

Refusing to “pay to play” you are missing a big opportunity to get quality leads. Using Facebook ads in attracting people to your giveaway is the fastest path to a list of people who expressed interest in your expertise.”

9. Making it about you and not about your future customers

Sometimes we get stuck because we focus on fear of making mistakes, fear of putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable, fear of not being good enough, so we forget that it’s not about us, it’s about people who need our help, who need that piece of your expertise to make a difference in their lives.

“Making a difference in somebody’s life…” it’s not just a motivational spiel – remember, how grateful you felt when in the moment of despair you came across inspirational picture on Facebook which felt like an answer to your thoughts; or you had some problems and you come across a post that pointed you to the right direction. Become a source of joy and inspiration to your fans.


Facebook is not a solution to all your marketing needs but used in combination with different other tools and techniques it allows your future customers find you.

I’ve created an online course where you will have an opportunity to grow your fan base, generate leads and finally get results from your Facebook activities.

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