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7 Steps to make massive changes

No matter how much we want to improve our lives we create a lot of resistance to implement those improvements because it means that it will bring changes.  We don't like changes by default because changes mean unknown, and unknown is scary. 

I have put together 7 steps to make the implementation process easier. Treat it like a game.

An Amazing Game of Stepping Up!

1. Evaluate your current situation

(you can divide it into areas: Health, Money, Relationships - Friends/Family, Romantic Relationships, Home, Fitness etc.

2. Choose not more than 3 areas that you would like to change during this month.

It's easier to stay focused on no more than three desires thus you can take consistent actions and make your dreams come true.

3. Write down what you would like to change.

Writing process brings clarity and focus.​

4. Fall in love with your current situation, accept it fully.

This will help you with the next step. No matter how bad the situation seems it's perfect in its imperfection.​

5. Make things even better rather fixing them.

When we try to move away from pain we still are focusing on pain. As we know what we focus on grows. That's why it's important to accept your current situation.​

6. Make a commitment to take consistent steps every day even if they are tiny ones.

It's not important how big steps you take into the right direction the main thing is that you keep moving.​

7. Have a non-judgmental approach towards yourself while you are making changes.

I truly believe that there is no point in judging yourself for not taking action or making progress. You either do it or not do it. Be compassionate with yourself.

Watch the replay of my Facebook Live - here I am giving you examples how these 7 steps work.​

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