3 Reasons why Facebook ads don’t work

Your activities on Facebook can prevent you from having successful Facebook ads.

Watch the video below where I am sharing what happens when you do your Facebook Live only on your personal profile.

You don't know how to measure your success and what to expect from different type of ads.

You can't predict the efficiency of each Facebook ad but you can create the most favourable conditions. 

Your Facebook ads will cost you less if your audience is responsive aka​ reacts to your ad posts by commenting on them, liking or sharing them. Usually it happens when you deliver valuable information to a "warm" audience people who have heard of you before.

If you create spontaneous ads to random people you will see a very little success with your ads activities.

If you don't have a systematic approach with your Facebook advertising you can't expect return on your investment. ​

​Not all Facebook ads will bring you immediate money. If you sell products or services then you can measure how much money you received as the result of your advertising activities.

If you run a Facebook ad to grow your email list you won't see an immediate return and it depends on your further activities if you can see any results in the future.

If you spend money on Facebook ads to grow your email list but you don't make any offers to people on your list then it doesn't matter how successful your ads were.

Not having clear strategy in place leads having poor Facebook ads results.

​To sum up you need to have a right offer for the right audience. Facebook ads can help you  find the right audience quicker and it depends how compelling your offer is. 

Different offers requires different strategies, if you want help with your Facebook advertising, join my free Facebook group to get free mini training. 

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