Facebook topics

How to use Facebook profile for business

Facebook groups

How to run your livestreams on your pages

​Answering Linda's question

Recorded on 2nd March 2018​

Preparing for livestreams on your page

Recorded on 1st February  2018​

Facebook Ads

Silvia's ad creation. 

Suitable for beginners in Ad creation

Recorded on 18th January 2018​

Facebook Lives and other tactics

How to promote event on Facebook.Facebook Lives  how to get url for your pdf

Suitable for beginners in Ad creation​

recorded on 18th January​

How to put captions on Facebook Live video

recorded on 4th January 2018​

Facebook Groups

How do I find closed groups I’m in to post? How to navigate your way around Facebook groups!

recorded on 4th January 2018

If I post something in my business page does it automatically post on my personal page , are they linked?

How do I see if I have shared a post publicly and would I need to make myself friends only after the post

How to schedule things- can I do this on my phone