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Library of call related to business and social media startegy

Client Attraction Brainstorming +ideas for FB ads

recorded on 16th March 2018​

Attracting clients from social media - answer to Kenny's question

recorded on 2nd  March 2018​

Talking through Fidelma's sales process.

recorded on 18th January 2018​

Ideas for the giveaway.

recorded on 4th January 2018

How much free content to give away

This year I have decided to focus on my angel/oracle readings, doing them online. I have a closed group for this and it is relatively new, so only a few members.I am finding that people are happy to have a free card reading through this group, but it is difficult to get bookings for paid readings.How do I remedy this?

recorded on 4th January 2018​


​How to use Dropbox efficiently.

recorded on 4th January 2018​


recorded on 4th January 2018​