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Are you struggling to get results from your activities on Facebook?


Join the online course “Get your first 1,000 likes on Facebook”, where I personally show you the secrets to achieving results on Facebook, so your future clients can find you, and you can serve more people.

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From: Inga Deksne

Date: Monday, 8:00 am



Dear Friend,

Have you been dreaming of getting results from your activities on Facebook so you can attract new leads, serve more people and generate income?

Yet, despite your best intentions, getting success on Facebook is out of reach?

Does it seem like, no matter HOW many articles your read, or videos you watch, or questions you ask, you still can’t seem to figure it all out, and now you’re just about to give up?

Frankly, I’m not surprised!


The truth is, learning how to integrate Facebook into your overall marketing activities is pretty much impossible to do on your own. There’s just so MUCH you need to understand and Facebook keeps introducing changes, what worked just a month ago, doesn’t work today.


Believe me, you are not alone! Not that long ago, Lisette-Anne was skeptical about getting any results on Facebook, she wasn’t even registered on Facebook. Less than in 5 weeks she had reached 1,000 engaging fans. Potential customers started contacting her on Facebook wanting to find out more about her services.  Read what she has written after 6 weeks of working with me:

Lisette-AnneI came in contact with Inga via Janey Lee Grace. Part of Janeys course was a free Skype call with Inga. In the 20 minutes I spoke to Inga she totally installed confidence in me that I could set up a Fan Facebook page. Later Inga wrote to me that she was starting with this 6 weeks course “get your first 1000 likes”. I started with that course on the second or third day because I did not have a Facebook account nor  a fan page yet. So I literarily started from scratch with 0 likes. 5 weeks in and  I had 1.000 likes!

And I even missed out on 3 weeks of weekly calls and watching the training videos! I just applied what Inga had taught us in the first 2 weeks and it took!

The closed group for the students on Facebook feels very secure and very safe. We can ask any and all Facebook related questions there. Also there is a weekly call with Inga every Friday. In that call we get to ask all our questions. It feels like Inga is always online because as soon as anyone of us asks a question in our group, Inga is there to answer it, support us and like our comments. Inga continuously encourages us and “pushes” us to try new things and to really explore all of Facebook possibilities. I am/was not a Facebook person, at all. But Inga took me by the hand, so to speak, and step by step guided me to how to use Facebook. And I must admit, now that I have been on Facebook for almost 6 weeks, it is not so daunting anymore and it starts to grow on me. At least I now see the advantages and possibilities as first I only saw disadvantages and impossibilities.

I herewith would like to thank Inga very much for all the help and encouragement and for the confidence she installed in me to get a fan page and now be on Facebook. If you are hesitant, be hesitant no more. If I, the greatest former Facebook skeptic, can go online and get 1.000 likes in just 5 weeks, so can you. Inga makes it easy and accessible. Thank you Inga, you are one of a kind and just awesome! I could not have done it without you!

Lisette-Anne Volker

This course consists of  6 weekly tutorials and workshops. You can start at any point and you will have access to the course as long as you need it.

Workshops take place weekly (schedule for 2014 is here)

You will receive 6 tutorial into your inbox. You will get materials about how to

⇒ create a system that will allow you to bring new fans on a consistent basis;

⇒ find your ideal audience

⇒ get new fans

⇒ use Facebooks ads on a tiny budget,

⇒ create engaging content,

⇒ use your Personal profile and business page,

⇒ use Facebook Power Editor  and much more.

Workshops will help you to implement steps to get results from the course.

They take place weekly and if you cannot attend on a particular day, you can submit questions in advance. All workshops are recorded and you can get access to them.

Workshops are there to give you technical assistance and also answer your questions. 

Read what Martha Fraser has achieved during her 6 weeks with me:


MarthaI have been working with the amazing Inga, I created a freebie and a Facebook ad and within 24 hours I had received 320 subscribers and 100 new Fcebook fans. Inga has been a source of information but much more than that she has been a personal coach empowering me to put myself out there and increase my business.


Fast Action Bonus

Fast Acting BonusI know that this programme brings results, the best part is that it will help you to create a system that will generate leads in an automated mode. This programme will help you to set up a habit of consistent publishing without being present online 24/7.

I want to reward a fast action takers. If you sign up till 15 November you will get

£100 off the course fee

1:1 session



Read what results Victoria has achieved:

Victoria ComiskeyWhat was your expectations from the course?
As newbie to using Facebook as part of my business, I suppose I wasn’t too sure what to expect as online marketing has appeared to me as quite the nebulous mystery. Having worked with Inga before I knew she would be patient and explain things simply and effectively to me.  My expectation was to gain more of an understanding of the world of Facebook and online marketing.What results have you achieved?
What I actually ended up with was a very effective way of reaching the people that I know I am here to serve. I have met my “tribe” online and can now communicate with them directly.  I have increased the likes to my page by 360% and have doubled my revenue stream.  I understand Facebook insights and am almost a master at creating beautiful and effective ads in Power editor. I understand how to manage by Facebook ads and my Facebook budget to get the best results. This has given me control and peace of mind over my online marketing and more importantly over connecting and attracting the right clients into my business.

Dominika says:

DominikaMy intention for the course was to learn more about using Facebook to interact with my followers and get in touch with more people. At the beginning I was a little bit reluctant to use Facebook as a marketing tool but after the first week of the programme I understood with help of Inga and the group that s is really possible to get new clients via Facebook.
The programme gave me all the necessary information, explained in a very simple way, to design ads to attract more followers. I learnt what type of ad is working the best with people I want to attract, how often and what to post on my Facebook page, and how to position myself as an expert. I appreciated the weekly lessons, possibility to have a one to one consultation with Inga and the support of other members of the course. I am able now to create an ad in 5 minutes which at the beginning took me 30 min or longer.
I highly recommend Inga to every business owner who wants promote themselves via Facebook. Inga is truly an expert in her field.




What if I don’t have time to do the course right now? How long will I have access to it?

You will have access to the course for life. Moreover you will receive updates as well, as we know Facebook changes all the times.

How many workshops  can I attend?

The course price guarantees that you have access to 5 workshops while you are participating in the course. Workshop schedule for 2014.

What if I have more than 1,000 likes but I don’t get results from Facebook?

Even if you have more than 1,000 likes but you don’t have results from your activities on Facebook, you will find this course beneficial.

How much time daily will it take me to work on the course to see the results?

At least 15 minutes, but it will be enough if you participate at workshops and  your implement necessary steps during them.

I am not a technical person, what if I cannot follow the instructions in the videos?

You will get technical assistance during the workshops, even if it requires me to do something on your behalf.

How much money should I spend on Facebook ads?

We had  success with a daily budget as little as £1.75. Bigger budget allows you to speed up the process but I always recommend to increase the budget after you have tested that the ad converts.

£ 297













You can watch lesson 1 here (don’t pay attention to the dates mentioned in the video watch the lesson itself)