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Sharing my secrets with you

Dear small business owner, holistic practitioner, author, coach or anyone who wants to get results from activities on Facebook,  if you have put a lot of EFFORT and MONEY into Facebook but you haven’t seen RESULTS yet,  and the number of your Facebook  fans are less than 1,000 and it’s not growing  then my offer

“Build your Facebook business page with me!”

is for you!

It’s not a formal course. It’s more like a journey. I will be sharing with you exactly what I do to build fans on Facebook page, and not just collecting numbers but creating a community of people who are interested in what you offer and who you are.

At the moment I am building a new page from scratch, my previous page reached almost 8K followers and I have taught dozens of  small business owners just like you how to build an engaging community on their Facebook pages.

Facebook Adventure success story

This will be especially beneficial for you if

⇒ you don’t know where to start;

⇒ you have declared yourself a technophobe and feel confused around Facebook;

⇒ you don’t have a page yet, or have just created one;

⇒ you don’t see any or little return from your activities on Facebook;

⇒ you have less than 1,000 followers;

⇒ you want to serve more people


Why is it important?

When you have at least 1,000 likes on your Facebook page, it starts “working” for you. More and more people start seeing your posts.

The more people know, like and trust you the greater chances are that they will become your customers.

Know trust like


Here is just a snippet of what is available for participants of Facebook Adventure project, new material are added weekly, each of the video is around 5 minute long, so information is presented in digestible format:

Facebook adventure (2)


What else is important?

Great content and consistency so your new fans can engage with you and share your content, and attract new fans.

It should be fun! If  for some reason your activities on Facebook feel like a burden and waste of time and money then you need to change it.

Inga 2015

I want YOU to have RESULTS from your activities on FACEBOOK.

I want YOU to feel CONFIDENT around technology.

I want YOU to attract new LEADS and get new CUSTOMERS.


I would like you to join me on this journey and have fun with your activities on Facebook while you are getting results too!

I am aiming to help at least 100 who would like to make changes in their business this year.

It’s my birthday! Only this weekend you can get access to all materials and a private Facebook group just for £47 (instead of £97) by signing up to the Facebook Adventure. It’s an ongoing project and new material are added every week.

How it is going to work

After you make a payment you will be added to the private Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded business owners who are on a similar journey as you.

I will be recording all my activities on Facebook on the video and share with you. You will be getting videos via email.

You can ask questions in the group and I will be able to point you to the necessary material in the video library.

I am not going to create only Facebook fans on the page I will be showing you how I am building my list even when I have 0 followers on my page.

As the result you will know how to

⇒ create a system that will allow you to bring new fans on a consistent basis;

⇒ find your ideal audience

⇒ get new fans

⇒ use Facebooks ads on a tiny budget,

⇒ create engaging content,

⇒ use your Personal profile and business page,

⇒ use Facebook Power Editor  and much more.

Samantha success


Facebook Adventure is one-off fee of £47! (Birthday offer!)






Remember, your future customers need your help. Let them find you!

See what people who worked with me are saying:

Sara Turner“Inga has not only a passion for but also an in-depth knowledge of social media. She knows intuitively how each person can use social media to best share their gifts with the world. I was really impressed by Inga’s level of knowledge when I attended her 30 day bootcamp and she has now become the social media expert I turn to. Inga’s caring spirit shines through her work and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Sara Turner http://www.essentiallyflowers.com


Lisette-AnneI came in contact with Inga via Janey Lee Grace. Part of Janeys course was a free Skype call with Inga. In the 20 minutes I spoke to Inga she totally installed confidence in me that I could set up a Fan Facebook page. Later Inga wrote to me that she was starting with this 6 weeks course “get your first 1000 likes”. I started with that course on the second or third day because I did not have a Facebook account nor  a fan page yet. So I literately started from scratch with 0 likes. 5 weeks in and  I had 1.000 likes!

And I even missed out on 3 weeks of weekly calls and watching the training videos! I just applied what Inga had taught us in the first 2 weeks and it took!

The closed group for the students on Facebook feels very secure and very safe. We can ask any and all Facebook related questions there. Also there is a weekly call with Inga every Friday. In that call we get to ask all our questions. It feels like Inga is always online because as soon as anyone of us asks a question in our group, Inga is there to answer it, support us and like our comments. Inga continuously encourages us and “pushes” us to try new things and to really explore all of Facebook possibilities. I am/was not a Facebook person, at all. But Inga took me by the hand, so to speak, and step by step guided me to how to use Facebook. And I must admit, now that I have been on Facebook for almost 6 weeks, it is not so daunting anymore and it starts to grow on me. At least I now see the advantages and possibilities as first I only saw disadvantages and impossibilities.

I herewith would like to thank Inga very much for all the help and encouragement and for the confidence she installed in me to get a fan page and now be on Facebook. If you are hesitant, be hesitant no more. If I, the greatest former Facebook skeptic, can go online and get 1.000 likes in just 5 weeks, so can you. Inga makes it easy and accessible. Thank you Inga, you are one of a kind and just awesome! I could not have done it without you!

Lisette-Anne Volker www.lisetteanne.com

Victoria Comiskey“I had created a new service that I wanted to offer out to my existing and new clients and from previous experience using traditional advertising wanted to find a way to get my message in front of the right people and more importantly make it easy from them to approach me.  I knew that Facebook was the cleverest way of doing this but find Facebook bewildering and a little daunting.  I has also heard horror stories of people spending large sums of money on advertising through Facebook so wanted to make sure I did things properly.  I signed up one to one help with Inga and I am so delighted with the results.  She made it so easy for me to set up, patiently explained what I did not understand and most importantly I ended up generating approximately €2000 from a combination of emails and €30 Facebook advertising.   The very interesting thing for me was that some of the people that responded to Facebook also received emails but did not see the emails.  Inga made it very simple, easy and straightforward and I highly recommend her.”  www.victoriacomiskey.com  Facebook: Victoria Comiskey Natural Health and Wellbeing
marie-claire-carlyle-0226-lres“Facebook is essential for anybody looking to grow their heart centred business. I am delighted to be working with Inga Deksne who is a graduate of the Money Magnet workshop. Inga first came to my attention when she offered her help in the Money magnet Club on Facebook and I realised how many questions that I had about Facebook and how little I knew about how to use it as an effective marketing tool.
Inga impressed me immediately with her generosity, her expertise and the way she worked with me as a collaborator. In the very short time we have been working together, the results have been impressive .
When we started my “How to become a Money magnet” fan page had a total of 881 likes and just 4 people were talking about it.! My posts were seen on average by only 80 people and there was no interaction. I’ve since learnt that the level of interaction is equally important to the number of likes if not more so.After our first week of collaboration the engagement level went from 4 people to 98,and after 30 days it went to 200, and the numbers are steadily climbing each week.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Inga if you are serious about using Facebook for your Marketing
Marie-Claire Carlyle
Author of “How to become a Money Magnet!”
Founder of Money Magnet Coach Ltd


Facebook Adventure is one-off fee of £47!



angela“Inga’s 30day FB Bootcamp really opened my eyes to the endless ways in which FB could help me to grow my business. I was completely ‘in the dark’ before despite being on there regularly, and ‘thinking’ I was utilising it fairly well. What I realise now is there is so much more to learn! Thank you so much for being the Social Media Fairy Godmother!” www.angelabradshaw.com #author Be In Balance Facebook: Angela Bradshaw Self Care Skills


andy“Inga has a natural understanding of how to use Facebook effectively that leads to her sharing common sense tips that are easy to implement and lead to strong results that can transform the way you use Facebook for your business.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                Andy Lopata, Author of 3 books on networking including ‘…and Death Came Third!’ and ‘Recommended: How to Sell Through Networking and Referrals’  http://www.lopata.co.uk
oonaInga understands the needs of the complete beginner as well as catering for those who are more advanced. The bite size tutorials offer an inspiring strategic overview coupled with a manageable breakdown of all the technical skills you need. When I had questions, Inga often responded immediately and if she couldn’t she let me know that she would get back to me – and did. She also offered generous one-to one support on the telephone where needed. Her expertise goes beyond Facebook too, so she is able to give the kind of soul support that the intrepid explorer in the labyrinth of Facebook may need from time to time. I am amazed at what I have achieved, not just in terms of technical know-how, with a page to show for it, but also in overcoming my hesitancy and actually finding that I ENJOY Facebook! This course has prompted me to rethink my whole marketing strategy and I am bubbling over with ideas and plans. Thank you Inga!”