Done for you visual packages for your Social Media needs

Are you ready to become even more visible online in your business?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and it’s true but it takes time.

If you are a coach,  writer, food fanatic or chef who don’t have the time or patience to create visual material for your social media platforms, I have a solution for you!

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I do things a little bit differently.

I am offering you a 3 hour  personalised package where I will create visual material to showcase your expertise across various social media platforms so you can connect more with your ideal clients.

First we will have a 30 minute conversation (FREE) where I will be able to tune into your business and your needs so I can create a visual message that conveys your voice.

I will be able to recommend to you which social media platforms to focus on to get the results you want.

Together we will map out “A List of Expectations” so we both are on the same page.

I will send you 3 samples of posts – they are complimentary as well.

Then we agree on a time frame when your 3 hour package is going to be used by (from one week to 3 months).

If you are wondering why you would want to work with me instead of ordering your graphics on fiverr or creating them yourself?

Here’s why:

⇒ Creating graphics is probably not in your zone of genius, taking you more time which you could have spent serving your clients.


⇒ The graphics that I will create for you will be a true reflection of you and your business, and serve your social media needs.


⇒ I use my intuition to connect on a higher level with you so you can serve your clients on a bigger and brighter scale.

Investment – £197 includes:

30 min consultation

3 samples

3 hours of work

Here is what clients who’ve worked with me say:

“Inga  is great for people like me who are time poor but want to make a big impact on social media but don’t have the expertise to do it well. She is creative and clever and has a way of interpreting one’s brand and creating a great buzz about it. I highly recommend her services” Carole Ann Rice (Life Coach, Author, Columnist)

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“Big Thank you to Inga Deksne who has provided me with new social media images. Inga knew that my branding includes Peacocks (they represent Vision) and also my love of all things cosmic and Universal – I couldn’t have found a more perfect picture if I tried. Also Inga created a new Facebook page cover linking it to details of my upcoming workshop in September, and a new Twitter cover page, telling me how to best maximise this space. I wouldn’t have thought of putting the different social media logos to my page. Plus this would have taken me HOURS to do.  It’s more that just image creation, its a consultation of best social media practices too!” Melanie Bundock  (EFT practitioner, creator of Big Vision Workshop)

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I have created picture quotes using clients’ favourite quotes or their own quotes. Your preferences will be discussed during our 30 minute call.

The journey of a thousand miles begins


I have created visual materials to showcase clients’ products. If you are working in the food industry I would be delighted to work with you.



One of my favorites is recipe showcase.

salad recipe chef

Banners to your group page or for Facebook ads

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Graphics to announce your live stream broadcasts



There are 10 spaces available in August. To book your place click below. If you prefer a short chat beforehand email me at