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3 Reasons why Facebook ads don’t work

Your activities on Facebook can prevent you from having successful Facebook ads.

Watch the video below where I am sharing what happens when you do your Facebook Live only on your personal profile.

You don't know how to measure your success and what to expect from different type of ads.

You can't predict the efficiency of each Facebook ad but you can create the most favourable conditions. 

Your Facebook ads will cost you less if your audience is responsive aka​ reacts to your ad posts by commenting on them, liking or sharing them. Usually it happens when you deliver valuable information to a "warm" audience people who have heard of you before.

If you create spontaneous ads to random people you will see a very little success with your ads activities.

If you don't have a systematic approach with your Facebook advertising you can't expect return on your investment. ​

​Not all Facebook ads will bring you immediate money. If you sell products or services then you can measure how much money you received as the result of your advertising activities.

If you run a Facebook ad to grow your email list you won't see an immediate return and it depends on your further activities if you can see any results in the future.

If you spend money on Facebook ads to grow your email list but you don't make any offers to people on your list then it doesn't matter how successful your ads were.

Not having clear strategy in place leads having poor Facebook ads results.

​To sum up you need to have a right offer for the right audience. Facebook ads can help you  find the right audience quicker and it depends how compelling your offer is. 

Different offers requires different strategies, if you want help with your Facebook advertising, join my free Facebook group to get free mini training. 

Which social media platform is right for your business?

I am sharing tips on how you can make a decision on which social media platform to choose as your main one for the next 30 days.

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is trying to cover all the bases,  following the example of social media influencers.

The thing is those people have teams behind them to represent them on several social media platforms at the same time.

Especially if you are just starting out - it's important that you choose one social media platform and build a system on it which attracts you clients and only then you can continue replicating your success on other platforms.

Step 1

Choose the platform where majority of your ideal customers are present.

Facebook is the easiest option because many people are present there anyway even if they don't use Facebook actively.

Step 2

Choose platform according to your personality and interests.

For instance, if you don't like taking photos or create visual material there is no point in mastering Instagram. ​

One of the reasons why people don't like using social media is because they don't understand how to do it or it hasn't brought them great results. If it is your case you are welcome to join my Weekly Interactive Workshops and I will be able to answer your questions. To do so you need to take a £1 trial into my Membership Community. ​

Step 3

Be consistent.

If you show up consistently you will become better at your offers, your message, you develop your own unique voice. It's easier to be consistent on one or two platforms not several. Consistency will bring you better results.

Step 4

Build relationships. ​

Technology allows us to automate a lot of things, it saves time but you can't automate building meaningful connections - this is where you need to show up and proactively show interest in other people's lives. Use social media to ask questions rather than just broadcast your wisdom. ​

Step 5

Be strategic.

Decide which social media platform(s) is going to be active and which ones are going to be "passive" or representative

Make sure that your "Passive" platforms have up-to-date cover photo and info; bio with the relevant information and an offer to join your email list.

Below there is a short video explaining this approach.​

Your Personalised 5 Step Social Media MAP

Do you want to learn how to be efficient with your TIME and Money to keep solid presence on Social Media?

It's impossible to be actively present on all social media platforms unless you employ agency to work for you. But it's possible to use social media for your business efficiently without spending 24/7 online.

I will show you how to create a personalised 5 step Social Media Monthly Plan.

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How to get results from your social media activities in March

Two months have already gone and it’s time to evaluate whether your social media activities have brought desired results, and make sure that March is going to be even better month for your business.

How to get results from your social media activities in March

Step 1 

Take a piece of paper and divide it into two parts.

On the left-hand side write “Social Media Challenges” and list all the frustrations you had around social media – one per line.

On the right- hand side opposite each of the problem write what you would like to have instead.

For instance,

Problem: Nobody is engaging with my content       Desired result: I want my content to go viral.

After you have done your exercise forget about the “problem part” and focus on the desired results.

Now this becomes your “Intention List for March” 

If you want to get energetic support with working on your list join my free Facebook group “Social Media Magic with Inga” and you can tap into a collective energy of the group.


Step 2

Choose one or two platforms that you will master during March so they become integral part of your marketing strategy. When you focus on one platform you will be able to learn quicker. There is plenty of info available on the Internet for free, if you want to get additional help find an expert of that particular platform who you resonate with the most and hire them.

Step 3

Be consistent. When you need to be consistent only on one platform it becomes easy.

If you feel lost and don’t know where even  to start fill in this short survey to qualify for a free 30 min consultation.

Step 4

Regularly check the stats of your chosen social media platform. Each of social media platforms has their own stats or you can use 3rd party apps to track everything in one place. Read more about this in my article Social Media Monthly Action Plan.

Step 5

Use the “Miracle Mindset” Approach.

Imagine and visualise how you want to feel by the end of March. Feel in advance the sense of accomplishment.

Here is an instruction how you can do it.

Miracle weekend!


Changing your Social Media Strategy in 2017?

2017 is just around the corner. Is it going to be different?

Or will it be the repeat of 2016 – hopeful and full of plans in the beginning and disappointing in the end?

Do you plan to change your Social Media Strategy in 2017?

Let’s face it if you keep saying that you need to do more on social media and still haven’t done anything about it where are the guarantees that it won’t be the same old story in 2017?

There are a few common problems business owners have with their attempts to get results from their social media presence:

• Not having business systems in place – not having a clear process to attract clients – from the moment when they haven’t heard of you till becoming your paying customers.

• Not knowing which social media platform to choose to get visibility for your business.

• Not integrating social media efficiently – you do a lot of work but don’t get the results no wonder if you want to give up.

• Letting your ego dominate your day – causing fear of being visible, being judged and making mistakes.

•While knowing what you need to be doing but  for some reason you are not doing it.

If any of the above resonates with you, please, get in touch.

Let me guide you through the labyrinth of social media and create a workable strategy for 2017.

I have an opportunity for you today that will take care of you and your business in 2017 ensuring that your experience and results improve.

Spend 90 min with me where we draft out the strategy for 2017 and create an actionable plan to make it easy for you to implement  and save you the reality of “failing to plan, plan to fail”.


Working with me:

• You’ll learn how to be visible to your ideal audience.

• You’ll feel excited to be excited.

• Because it will cover everything that stops you.

• You’ll know which platform is most suitable for you.

• How to reach your clients in the most effective ways.

• How to leverage your time on other social media platforms.

• You’ll feel confident sharing your message to the world.


Book your session with me now and let’s make it easier for you to earn lots of money in 2017.

Your investment is only £297 and 90 minutes of your time to work with me on one to one basis.
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You can book your session for December or January.

If not now then when?

The investment is £297 and 90 minutes of your time. (a payment plan is available)

Wouldn’t it be great to enroll clients from the very beginning of  2017, and  discover the joy of running your own business every day?

Don’t delay get in touch today. 

Tips on how to get more views on your blog via Social Media

This article will be helpful for those who write a blog but don’t get many readers. Before we go to

tips on how to get more views on your blog via Social Media


You need to be able to track it.  One of the easiest ways to do it is through Google Analytics.

I know that majority of my traffic comes from Facebook but this is because Facebook is the only Social Media platform that I use on regular and consistent basis. I plan to make a research for the next 30 days and explore which of the platforms will bring me the most traffic. Of course, you can go the easiest way and use a scheduling app like Hootsuite when with one click of a button you send your links to various sites simultaneously.  Because it is easy and technically possible it doesn’t mean that you have to use it. You need to be more creative about this.

You need to streamline the process not to automate it.

You need to streamline the process not to automate it.


You can prepare different tweets with the link to your blog and schedule them using, for instance, Hootsuite or any other app of your choice.

Alternate it with pictures, nowadays picture tweets get more attention than regular tweets.

Watch this video how to do it.


Use Canva.com or AdobeSpark to create your graphics.

Using Adobe Spark you can create a short video promoting your blog, a video stands out even more than pictures.


When you create a short video that promotes the title of your blog, you can reuse it on other platforms as well including Facebook and Instagram.


Even though there are still debates whether you can duplicate your original blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse or not, I would recommend that instead of duplicating your posts, write up a summary of it on LinkedIn Pulse and provide the link to your website thus ensuring that there is a traffic back to your website.

You also can share the links as an update to your profile. The advantage of using LinkedIn Pulse is that everything that you publish through LinkedIn Pulse stays on your profile while profile updates vanish.


Similar recommendations as for Twitter but I wouldn’t recommend to use Hootsuite, upload everything directly on Facebook. Facebook provides you an option to schedule your posts in advance.

Video options mentioned in the paragraph about Twitter are especially recommended on Facebook.

Facebook will give you a lot of organic reach for video posts, even if you use Adobe Spark to create 4 seconds video it will be considered as a video post.

Don’t make a mistake by sharing your blog post only once on Facebook. 

Somehow page owners think that they “bother people with their links”, look at your insights – if only four people saw your blog posts chances are that only one of them read it. But you don’t need to repeat yourself there are different ways how to present your blog on Facebook.

To share your blog post on Facebook you can:

  • share a direct link
  • create a post in Power Editor and add different picture and/ or information.
  • post a photo and add a link to the blog post in the description.
  • create a slideshow from three to seven pictures and add the link to your blog post.

If you want to get better understanding of Facebook and get results from your activities on Facebook join my live project “Facebook Adventure”

Live Stream

Use Facebook Live or Periscope to introduce your blog, give the summary or talk about the subject that you have mentioned in your blog and invite people to read the article and leave the comments. Use bitly.com to make shorter and memorable links.

You can create a discussion on Blab and invite people to join you on blab and direct them to your blog if they want to read more about the topic, after the show you can add your blab recording to the post.


Many business owners undervalue the importance of Pinterest as a traffic driver, it’s not just a collection of pretty pictures, but when you create your pins correctly it can become one of the main sources of visitors to your page.

You can “pin” photos directly on your Pinterest board from your website using either Pinterest extention plugin on your browser  or by using share plugin like “Sumome” or you can upload a photo on your Pinterest board and adding all necessary information. Don’t forget the right size for your Pin so it’s stands out.

Use Canva for work (paid option) to create different sizes simultaneously.


It’s a visual tool and you need to be creative. The important thing to remember that at the moment you can’t post clickable links on Instagram posts, and there is no use to type the link because people won’t be retyping it. But you can change a link in the bio as often as you need when you showcase your blog.

The above tips were tips to get free traffic but you shouldn’t neglect paid options. Using online advertising strategically can bring you great return.

If you have additional ideas how to drive more traffic to blog posts, please post them in the comments, and if you enjoyed reading them please share this article with your people.

If you want to get access to more tutorials and get help with your social media questions, please join my free group on Facebook. Social Media Magic with Inga.

join the group


Goal accomplishing technique – the power of writing

It’s true it’s October already and there are less than 90 days till the calendar shows 2014. This is a reflection period for me; whether my plans and goals for this year have been accomplished.

In the days when I was actively working as a life coach I recommended to my clients writing their goals. I was practicing it myself.
At some point I was writing goals in my notebook 30 days in a row.
This technique was recommended by Brain Tracy.
Its principle is as following:
each day you write from 10 – 12 goals on a piece of paper;
when writing them you don’t look back at the notes from the previous day but just follow your feelings and write goals in no particular order; and those goals eventually come true.
Today I am looking through  my notes I wrote a year ago and I am surprised that some of the goals that seemed almost impossible have come true.
There are some goals still need to be accomplished but 70% have become reality.
I planned to write a book, but instead I’ve created an e-book on Facebook marketing.
I’ve reached my monthly financial goal, but I have suspicions that I should have aimed higher.
Last year launching an online training programme each three months seemed liked unreachable dream.
This year I had an online 30 Day Facebook Made Easy Online Boot Camp.
An example from those glorious days:

When I started experimenting with this goal writing exercise I was just followed instructions trusting authority of Brian Tracey, now I know for sure that this works.

This year is almost gone, but let’s finish strong. Let’s set some impossible goals to be achieved by the end of 2013.
Please in the comments below share what your “impossible” dream is for this year?