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Creating Facebook Content Calendar – A step-by-step guide

This is a version of how you can create A Facebook Content Calendar to get more visibility on Facebook without spending too much time.

Even if you just create a structure without putting content pieces in place it will save you loads of time. I’ve based my calendar on 6 posts per day, you can do more or less according to your preference, in order to be able to see any results I would recommend to have at least 3 posts per day – morning, noon and afternoon/evening.

First start with post types:

LinkPhotoBlogVideoupdateLink. Photo. Blog.Video.Update

I use post-it note to make sure that I have included a variety of posts during the day.

Then you need to go to google calendar and create a new calendar.


setting up a new calendar


After that you can name i,t for instance, Facebook calendar, select the time zone.

If you want to outsource you can share it with the person who will be publishing your posts for you, and they won’t have access to your other calendar.

saving calendar


If you use the Google calendar for other activities, in order to work with content calendar you need to choose an option “Display this calendar”

how to work with it


To create structure for the whole week, use the option Repeat event and you can create the whole week under 5 minutes.

daily activities

If you want to know what time is the best for posting look at when is your audience online or at your previous posts, you will find them under the Insights on your Facebook business page.



Below there is an example of a “lazy structure” you have only framework done and check your calendar 10 minutes before posting. I was using the light version to create each  of 6 posts under 5 minute.

light version

The activities offered here can be optimised by using different apps like Buffer. (Currently I have some issues with the app that doesn’t allow me to schedule links that’s why I haven’t mentioned apps in this article.)

How to run giveaways on your Facebook page to grow your list

“Facebook is not a destination but a vehicle to grow your business.”

They say money is in your list, meaning that you can build relationships better communicating with people through their inboxes. It becomes more and more difficult to entice people to part with their email addresses, as we become more selective what we sign up for.  To win a chance to get some gifts seems enticing enough.  Holiday season is perfect for giveaways.  In this article I would like to share some ideas

how to run giveaways on your Facebook page to grow your list.

Main elements:

  • Gift(s) – giveaway
  • Rules
  • Placement
  • Promotion
  • Having fun


  1. The Giveaway

It needs to be related to your business. There is no point in giving away iPad for instance if it is not your business, otherwise you will attract people who want the gift but they are not interested in your products/ services. When the gift is related to your business it will pre-select people who may be interested in what you sell. It can be both – products or services.

    2. Rules

You need to describe the rules of taking part in the competition. You need to include

  • the end date of the giveaway;
  • what actions need to be taken by a participant;
  • participating countries;
  • how the winner will be announced

3. Placement

You can run the contest on the Timeline and also include the element of email collecting but it would require participants to take additional action which may be a turn off. If you run the giveaway on the Timeline you need to observe Facebook rules.

The easiest way to run your giveaway is by using Facebook apps.

There are many Facebook apps that can be used, I used Shortstack. It is easy to set up and manage. It has a free version so you can decide whether you find it suitable for your needs before you commit to a paid version. Make sure that Facebook app is mobile friendly.

Your new Facebook app is visible on your Facebook page as a Tab.  Also change your Cover photo and Call-to-Action to invite people to sign up for your giveaway.


4. Promotion

“Build and they will come” is an illusion. Your giveaway may become viral, of course, but you need to let people know that you are running a giveaway and preferably you would like to attract people who have never heard of you before. Facebook ads can be costly but there are ways how you can decrease your expenses.

You need to run ads for getting Facebook likes (Page promotion) and choose your App as a landing view. Meaning if people click on the picture they will be taken to the Giveaway place. See the picture below.

The process looks like:

⇒ Prepare 3 pictures for the ad – in this case representing the page and the giveaway.

⇒ Go to Ad Manager and choose the ad Promote page.

promote the page

⇒ After you have chosen your target audience and uploaded pictures,

⇒ define the landing view by choosing your Tab.

case study

⇒ Place your order

This method will you give two options – grows your fan base and email list. There are no guarantees that people who liked your page will opt in for the giveaway but still it gives you a better chance to share a message about your page and your giveaway.

Don’t forget that apart from Facebook ads you can create posts on your Facebook page with the link to the Tab.

Click on the link to join our Holiday Giveway http://bit.ly/theholiday-giveawayFeel free to invite your friends! ( The Raw Greek )

Posted by The Raw Greek on Tuesday, November 24, 2015


You can also invite your existing subscribers  to participate on your Facebook page by sending them a link to your Facebook page. Here is the link to the Facebook post on the Raw Greek Facebook page as an example.

post for the subscribers


5. Having fun

It’s important that you are enjoying the process, otherwise it doesn’t make sense to organise it. One of the reasons why you may not have fun is the fact that you don’t know how to run the competition using Facebook apps. Hopefully this article was of help for you, if you want more help you are welcome to sign up either for the webinar or the course.

Do you want some help how to create your own giveaway campaign but haven’t planned your budget to pay for the services? You have the opportunity to get your Social Media/ Facebook questions answered at the webinar on 2 December – £25 for general public, free for my course participants.


Do you want to make Facebook an efficient tool that brings new business consistently?

Then you can’t miss the opportunity to sign for Facebook Self-Study Course.


Social Media Monthly Action Plan (MAP)

Social Media Monthly Action Plan (MAP)

(to be used in the end of each month)


  • Do you think that it’s impossible to deal successfully with numerous Social Media channels?
  • Have you almost given up on getting results from Social media?
  • Do you want to learn how to be efficient with your TIME and Money to keep solid presence on Social Media?

This article will help you to monitor your current success with your Social Media platforms and set new goals each month.

First of all, list all your Social Media platforms.

I will give you example of my presence on Social Media, it’s not perfect but it will help you  understand how you can evaluate your situation and what you can do about it. By not perfect I mean I have very little time to manage my own platforms as I do it for my clients, so my Social Media presence gets leftovers of my attention. Still I manage to generate leads and build my list using Social Media so I hope this approach will be useful for you.

Step 1.

Take a piece of paper/type on computer all Social media platforms you have accounts on without any judgement.

For instance:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • YouTube

Step 2.

Evaluate current situation on each of the platform.

Step 3.

Set your actions for this platform for the following month.

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Look at the number of connections you have made during the last month. Evaluate if any leads/signups came from LinkedIn directly.

This is also a reminder for you to follow up with people who have connected with you in the last month, if you haven’t done it already.


Go to your LinkedIn profile, click on Connection and sort them by “New”


Collect Leads Business Cards New Customer Prospects NamesThen you look how many new connections you have made but most importantly have you followed up, if not, put a date in the calendar when you are going to do it. If you don’t do anything with your LinkedIn connections it is similar to going to networking events, collect a bunch of business cards and store them in a shoe box.


Do you use LinkedIn Pulse? It’s LinkedIn publishing platform and allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field. Plus, everything you post on Pulse remains on your profile.

3_posts Linkedin

As you can see my latest post was done only on 4 June which is 3 months ago. This is clearly an indicator that I need to post at least once a month. If you publish on regular basis, check your stats.

If you haven’t published anything yet, I highly recommend exploring this option.

Lead generation:

Have you got any leads from your activities on LindkedIn? Are there any signups?


Action steps for the following month:

⇒ Follow up latest contacts.

If you’ve been at networking events and exchanged business cards with some people, connect with them on LinkedIn. But, please, don’t use automated standard text for connection, mention something from your conversation and where you met then.

⇒ Pick a date in the calendar when you are going do it.

What is scheduled gets done!



Use Google analytics to see if any traffic to your website came from Facebook.

You can evaluate how many new fans you acquired but this is less important in comparison whether you get any signups or visits from your Facebook page.

For instance, looking at my Google analytics I can say that Facebook brought only 15% of my traffic.  But here you need to dig deeper. If you don’t get enough traffic from Facebook, is it because people don’t click on the links or is it because you haven’t posted any, or you were inconsistent on your page?

To answer these questions, you need to look at your Facebook Insights.

4_post reachFB


By default they will be showing you data for the last 7 days. I would encourage you to check your insights weekly to adjust your activities on Facebook.

By looking at Insights you need to become crystal clear whether Facebook is not working for you or you are not working Facebook.

If you don’t post consistently or don’t provide valuable content; if you don’t use Facebook for lead generation then it’s not Facebook, it’s you, I am afraid.


You can use either Agora Pulse http://www.agorapulse.com  (they have a free option) or Simply Measured http://simplymeasured.com/.

There are more Social Media Tools you can check at RazorSocial website http://www.razorsocial.com/ to learn more about variety of online tools.

Evaluate which post type gets the most of engagement. Sometimes all you need is to start posting on regular basis. At least once a day. I have recovered pages from the “dead zone” (nothing was happening on the page for a year, so no engagement no reach) to a vibrantly performing page that not only generated leads but also brought money. It usually takes 3 months on average to see results. (if you want to book your free consultation, please fill in this form http://bit.ly/SMinga

Lead generation:

Have you got any leads from your activities on Facebook? Are there any signups?


Action steps for the following month:

⇒ Make a decision what you can improve, is it going to be your leading Social Media platform or secondary.

⇒ Pick a date in the calendar when you are going do it.

What is scheduled gets done!


Evaluate how it worked for you in the previous month. I will give you an example with my Instagram adventures. I used to be very indifferent to Instagram and quite frankly didn’t get it. Yes, I posted pictures there, but till recently I even hadn’t had my bio written.

Last month I decided to post on regular basis – at least one post a day adding call to action. I should say that it has improved not only my presence on Instagram but also on Facebook because I shared my posts on Facebook as well.

You can check your Instagram statistics on http://iconosquare.com

Example of stats of my Instagram:


As you can see it also shows you how many followers you’ve lost. Do the analysis by checking each of the follower to understand the reason, sometimes people follow many people to get the numbers up. When those people follow them back,they unfollow them. It’s a strange practice when people equals their success with number of followers they have.

When I look at the lost followers, I answer only one question – if this person represents my target audience. If not you don’t need to worry. If you are losing constantly people who are your target audience then it signals that you need to reconsider your content strategy.

Have you got any leads from your activities on Instagram? Are there any signups?


Action steps for the following month:

⇒ Make a decision what you can improve, is it going to be your leading Social Media platform or secondary.

⇒ Pick a date in the calendar when you are going do it.

What is scheduled gets done!



The same procedure here. Evaluate your current situation, look at your stats:

Go to your Twitter account, click on your photo thumbnail and you will get a drop-down menu. Click on Analytics.

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It opens the analytics. You can go in-depth and explore each of the tab. I recommend  viewing  your analytics weekly so you know what affects your activity on your Twitter.



I can compare my current month and previous month statistics, and see that August is obviously a great month for my Twitter affairs:

8_twitter comparison


Pinterest also has analytics and it shows you what kind of pins get more engagement. I don’t use Pinterest that much but make sure that you use Pinterest plugin on your website and you add website links to it, then when somebody pins picture from your website it will lead back to your website.

When I don’t use the platform on regular basis, I choose one month when this platform becomes my main focus to test whether it is a viable tool for my business needs. Before you have dismissed any Social Media platforms apply marketing tactics in practice at least for one month to see results.


You need to go to your Pinterest profile, click on the wheel icon and then on Analytics:


Below there is an example from my Pinterest analytics. I am not ashamed of sharing the results because they prove my point  – if you are not focusing on the platform it doesn’t work for you.

Look at my results which are not bad taking into account that there is growth but if we look at numbers that growth is insignificant.


Don’t allow numbers to fool you, I haven’t done anything but numbers are still growing.  You need to dig deeper and understand what has contributed to the growth.

The most viewed pin is about Social Media but it is not my pin, it takes to a different website not mine. The second most viewed  pin is from a fellow unicorn fan, which doesn’t do anything to my business, the same as recipe pins.  You need to decide how to get more traffic to your website from Pinterest if you choose to work on this platform. In my case I am going to outsource somebody to create pins that would represent information I publish on my website, draws attention and drives traffic.

Action steps for the following month:

⇒ Make a decision what you can improve or expand, is it going to be your leading Social Media platform or secondary.

⇒ Pick a date in the calendar when you are going do it.

What is scheduled gets done!


I have to admit I haven’t visited Google+ for ages, I used it for occasional “link dump” but nothing more. It has lost its appeal to me. It may be different to you. I don’t know exactly how you measure your impact from Google+ as well. Apart from obvious, number of followers and views.



You can also check if you have mentions, and when you click on the tab Home it will give you a drop-down menu, click on “People” and see who have followed you.


To my surprise it turned out that I was added by 89 people and I couldn’t be bothered to add them back.  Not because I don’t respect those people but again to prove the point that it is not about the numbers but how you interact with people.

Since Periscope and Blab have entered Social Media scene Google Hangouts have lost their significance for me.

But you need to evaluate for yourself. If you write blogs it’s good to share them on Google+ but make sure that you engage with people too. Share their posts or comment.

Action steps for the following month:

⇒ Make a decision what you can improve or expand, is it going to be your leading Social Media platform or secondary.

⇒ Pick a date in the calendar when you are going do it.

What is scheduled gets done!



To see your YouTube analytics go here https://www.youtube.com/analytics

You can choose which time period you want to explore, see where traffic has come from.




Based on this information you can decide to create more videos or how you can promote your existing ones. Do you have links in the description part of the video? You need to prompt people what to do when they’ve finished watching your video.

If you are on Periscope, upload your videos on YouTube. Not everyone uses Periscope, and scopes are live only for 24 hours.


Action steps for the following month:

Make a decision what you can improve or expand, is it going to be your leading Social Media platform or secondary.

⇒ Pick a date in the calendar when you are going do it.

⇒ Hope that was useful for you and you can apply it for your Social Media activities.

What is scheduled gets done!

If you don’t know which platform to go for, fill in this form and let’s have a complimentary chat http://bit.ly/SMinga


9 reasons why you may never get clients via Facebook

“I never had clients coming through Facebook…” this was a phrase I’ve come across recently.

Not getting results from activities on Facebook is a common theme that I hear from business owners.

I’ve been offering free Facebook strategy sessions that allowed me to examine lots of pages to see that there are some commonalities why business owners don’t get results from their activities on Facebook.

1. “A Visitor’s approach”

If you post randomly when you “feel like it” then you won’t get enough reach and your posts will remain unnoticed. One post a day is the very minimum that you can afford, especially if your fan base is under 1,000 likes. Look at the reason N3.

2. Broadcasting

It links to the “visitor’s approach” – you post on Facebook only when you need to announce something. Even if you offer something for free, you still remain a stranger to many of your followers, besides as I mentioned before, if you post once in a while you don’t reach enough people,  so your fans simply don’t see your offer.

3. False visibility or entitlement to visibility

When I post something on my page, all my fans automatically see it in their newsfeed.  A slight variation of this misconception – Facebook should show it to all my fans, I am not paying for sending out the content. There are limited amount of updates that can be shown on any given Timeline, that’s why your updates are seen only by fans who engage with your content.

4. Ignoring Stats

Facebook has Insights that show you what works and what’s not. It also shows when people are online so you can schedule time for a post. Mind you, if you post randomly it won’t give you much information because you can’t see the trends. That’s why I recommend to post at least 3 times per day to see what works what’s not.

5. A “One-trick pony” approach

Using the same post type all the time – either only photos or only links, or just status updates. You can present the same information in a different ways.  Offer variety of posts and see what’s working.

6. Doing business only on  a rented territory

It’s been a lot of discussions that Facebook is squeezing money out of business owners for the rights to communicate with the fans, and how unfair it is.

Facebook gives you a platform for communication but you can’t use it as the only marketing tool and base all your activities only there. There are can be glitches in the system and your page may disappear, or any other reasons why you cannot access Facebook any more.  You need to use Facebook to build your list and communicate with your audience via emails too.

7. Over-using automation

Obviously you can’t spend all your time on Facebook, you need to schedule your activities. The mistake what business owners do is to link Twitter and Facebook accounts, when, for instance, you publish something on Twitter, it automatically appears on Facebook and vice verse. Using Hootsuite to schedule majority of your posts.

You should use Facebook scheduler for that.

8. Not allocating budget for Facebook ads

Refusing to “pay to play” you are missing a big opportunity to get quality leads. Using Facebook ads in attracting people to your giveaway is the fastest path to a list of people who expressed interest in your expertise.”

9. Making it about you and not about your future customers

Sometimes we get stuck because we focus on fear of making mistakes, fear of putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable, fear of not being good enough, so we forget that it’s not about us, it’s about people who need our help, who need that piece of your expertise to make a difference in their lives.

“Making a difference in somebody’s life…” it’s not just a motivational spiel – remember, how grateful you felt when in the moment of despair you came across inspirational picture on Facebook which felt like an answer to your thoughts; or you had some problems and you come across a post that pointed you to the right direction. Become a source of joy and inspiration to your fans.


Facebook is not a solution to all your marketing needs but used in combination with different other tools and techniques it allows your future customers find you.

I’ve created an online course where you will have an opportunity to grow your fan base, generate leads and finally get results from your Facebook activities.

The new class starts on 26 September but you can join us at any point! You pay for 6 weeks intensive, 3 weeks of video tutorials and 3 workshops with practical help.

Click here for more details!

Online Facebook course


My first 90 days as a Solopreneur – DAY2


This is my Day 2 of my first 90 days as a Solopreneur.

There is so much to do and I know how easily distracted I can be. Suddenly I have this illusion of having plenty of time on my hands but I know that being busy and being productive are two different things.

In order to stay grounded and tune into my intuition I start my days with writing “Morning Pages”, this is a technique described in Julia’s Cameron book “The Artist’s Way”

  The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self

“Morning pages” are a form of meditation. In the morning the moment you woke up before you start communicating with the world, you take a notebook and write whatever comes to your mind, however silly it may seem. Before I started practising it I resisted the process for the whole week.  Sometimes it sounds like “My dear diary…” type of writing but very often creative solutions come to me. This process allows me to switch to my intuition.

The day when I found out that I am leaving my job started very unusually. First of all, I saw a dream that I’d spent the whole day with Anthony Robbins, when I woke up the phrase that came to me mind was “You are meant to play bigger”.  That morning in my “Morning Pages” I was writing:

” … saw Tony Robbins in my dream, we were helping various people. That felt so good. This is something what I want to do – helping people finding their calling in life, creating different Social Media campaigns so they are happy about their business and life successes. It would be so great if could leave my job by 30th June.  It would be fantastic. I would be so happy and I would dance my happy dance. Wait, I can be happy now, I can dance the happy dance now; I can imagine and feel these emotions now. I will let reality to catch up…

Later in the afternoon, I found out that I can leave my work as soon as I wish and on my terms. 30th June was my last working day in the company.

So, I highly recommend the book by Julia Cameron “The Artist Way”.

I’ve also noticed that whatever I do in the morning gets done. That’s I’ve scheduled working on my e-book the first thing in the morning.

In May I was running my online course “Facebook Made Easy”, now I am putting all the material together into an ebook.

For somebody who all her childhood was told that she didn’t have artistic skills, it’s a double effort to work on creative projects. Anyhow, I’ve done my first chapter and I am happy to present it here. No opt-in required, just click on the document.

Essential Facebook Page settings



Finding pictures for your Facebook posts using Google search

When we create posts on Facebook, we want them to be visual and enticing. If you used pictures that you found on Google, you may run into troubles for violating copyrights.

In this post I will share how you can

find pictures for your Facebook post using Google search tools.

I will also list free websites where you can get visual materials for your blogs, Facebook and other Social Media platforms.

1. Go to Google and type your search term, in my examples I used “coffee cups”

Google search tool

2. Click on Search Tools

Google search tools


3. It will give you different options how to filter images and depending on what you choose it will result in the following:



labeled for reuse:

Your results will only include images labeled with a license that allows you to copy and/or modify the image in ways specified in the license.

labeled for commercial reuse:

Your results will only include images labeled with a license that allows you to copy the image for commercial purposes, in ways specified in the license.

labeled for reuse with modification:

Your results will only include images labeled with a license that allows you to copy and modify the image in ways specified in the license.
labeled for commercial reuse with modification:

Your results will only include images labeled with a license that allows you to copy the image for commercial purposes and modify it in ways specified in the license.


NOTE: always check with the chosen picture how you can use it, whether you need to provide attribution or not.


If you want to be 100% sure that you can use pictures freely use these sites:


Sounds dreadful but there are a lot of beautiful pictures.


One of my favourites, you can also submit your photos. I was very pleased that one of my photos was downloaded 17 times.


you need to register there in order to download photos, but they are free.

My favourite paid photo stock site is


you can choose to pay as you go or a monthly subscription where you can download 5 free photos a day which makes a price for one photo around 40p, the main thing is to remember to visit the site daily and download pictures.

If you know more good photo stock websites please post in the comments.

How to schedule posts on Facebook page

How to have posts on Facebook on regular basis?

In order to have a regular presence on Facebook you don’t need to be online every hour; you don’t need to remember to post; you don’t need to agonize what to post.

You can prepare everything in advance. Though I would strongly recommend NOT to use a third party tools for that, use the system within Facebook.


Please see a video below:


Let’s explore online marketing opportunities!

This post starts a new path of my journey as a marketing explorer.

Talking to many entrepreneurs I’ve noticed that some of them postpone activities of marketing their services online only because they don’t know how to do it and where to start. Technology seems very scary to them.

I do believe that business owners should focus on business development rather than technology and everything that can be outsourced should be outsourced.

But sometimes there are times when you have to operate with what you have and where you are. I am not an expert in website creation but sometimes I like to evoke my Inner Geeky Goddess and build my own website. I’ve created this website from scratch all by myself. I’ve done it even twice, because the first time around I did something wrong with the settings and the site went very weird.

Here comes my insight of the day:

When you start doing something and think that you rubbish at it, and feel insecure, most likely that you will get  results that prove that you are right. Always choose being curious when start something new.

Being very passionate about Facebook marketing, one of the first things that I’ve done was installing a “Like box” on my website. If you want to attract more fans on your Facebook page, you need to offer people to like your page without leaving your website.

To add “The Like Box” on your website you need to go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin


You can modify the way “Like Box” looks. After that you copy the code and insert where you want it to appear on your website, or you can ask your website person to do it for you. All you need to do is to send them a link to Facebook page plugin and your Facebook pages url.





Please in the comments below describe what your attitude towards modern technologies is. Do you prefer a DIY approach or you would outsource skills to save time?