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How to integrate your activities on Busker on Facebook business page

In this article I am talking about how to

integrate your activities on Busker on your Facebook business page.

Sharing how to:

  • promote your scheduled broadcast on Facebook;
  • repurpose your broadcast after the show.

Busker is one the newest livestream apps emerging in the digital world. While it doesn’t have many users yet in comparison to Periscope for instance, it does have features that other livestream apps don’t provide.

On Busker you can get paid directly by your viewers without them leaving the broadcast and you can schedule your broadcast.

I embrace new apps but I always find the ways how I can combine it with Facebook. Not only because Facebook is my favourite platform but because it is one of the biggest players in the market and people are hanging there by default.  Besides the Busker app is new and there are not that many users yet, so you may want to invite your Facebook friends to join you.

NOTE: when this article was created there wasn’t an option for Android users but it’s coming very soon, meanwhile people can watch you on desktop (without being able to interact)

Busker has this super feature that you can schedule your profile.  When you create a broadcast you can choose to share it on Twitter automatically. Technically you can do on Facebook as well but personally for me that option is grayed out.

I will show you how you can promote your Busker presence both on your Facebook personal profile and your business page.

How to promote your upcoming show on Busker on Facebook.

After you have scheduled your broadcast, you need to share the link to it, so people can subscribe. Click on the icon:



scheduled post

It will take you to this screen:



After you’ve clicked on the Facebook icon you will see the following screen, click on the arrow “>”

share to


You will be given a choice either to share to your personal timeline or in the groups. You can’t share the link simultaneously to different places. If you want to share on your personal profile and in the groups – share on your profile first and then share from your profile into the groups.

NOTE: if you are not an admin of the group, before you share the link to your Busker broadcast, make sure that the group admin is ok with you to share and you are not overstepping any group rules.

When you share on your profile make sure that the settings for that post is set on public thus it can be easily shared by anyone and is visible also to people who are not friends with you on Facebook. If the post is not public you won’t be able to share it on your business page:

where to share


This is how it can look on your personal profile:

how it looks on Busker app


Now you need to share it on your Facebook page as well. These are steps you need to take to share from your phone. when you click on Share button these options will appear, Click on “Write post”


sharing from the profile


By default Facebook will offer you to post on your Timeline, you need to click on “Tap to Change” and choose your page. Make sure that it’s a public post so you can share to your page.

tap to change


This is how you share links to your scheduled Busker broadcasts.

How to repurpose your Busker broadcasts.

You can share the replay links the same way. But most likely Facebook will decrease organic reach for those posts because they don’t want you to lead people away from the page.

If you broadcasts are no longer than 20 minutes you can save them on your telephone or iPad and then upload directly on Facebook. Like this:


Hope to see you on my Busker broadcasts – Inga Deksne||Social Media Magic

If you have any questions around Social Media, please join my free Facebook group “Social Media Magic with Inga”


11 Tips on using Facebook Live for your business

11 Tips on using Facebook Live for your business

Livestreaming is becoming more and more popular. There are so many opportunities now to connect with people all around the world in a live mode. Now your followers can see the real you, not the polished video but real you, and they can communicate with you in a real time.

I think if you are serious about your business you can’t ignore livestream. In this article I would like to talk about Facebook Live, I prefer it better to Periscope, though I believe that we need to maintain presence on both platforms.


Some recommendations on using Facebook Live:

Check if you have this option:

Currently almost IOS users (iPhone and iPad) have them. You can check it by looking for a Facebook Live icon in your status bar. See the picture below.

facebook live icon

Facebook live icon


Use Facebook live on both – your personal profile and Business page.

To use it on your business page make sure that you have Facebook Page Manager app installed on your phone.

Advantages of using FB live on your profile:

♦ Your friends get notification that you go live, thus more interaction.

♦ Build closer connection with people on your friends list, especially with those who are not your close friends.

♦ Let your friend know what you do for a living, so they may refer you to their friends.

♦ It can be both personal life related “I am walking my dog” or work related “…I am working on a new webinar”.


Advantages of having Facebook live on your Business page:

♦ Usually Facebook Live gets wider reach than other post types;

♦ Even though in the beginning  it has less interaction than on your Personal profile but it allows your fans to connect with you on a human level, even when they watch the replay;

♦ It allows your fan to get to know you not only as your industry expert but also as a person.


It is tempting to do Facebook Live on Personal profile rather on your Business page because you get higher numbers on your personal profile (see the picture below, both shows where done on the same day , one on personal profile with more than 100 views and on personal page with 1 person).

Stats after live show on the Personal Profile


I would recommend that you spend more time developing your livestreaming on Facebook business page.


Here are some tips how you can get more viewers on your business page:

1.Announce your shows in advance – both on your business page and personal profile, give several time zones.


2. Try to see if doing the show at the same time increases the number of live viewers.


3. Create catchy titles of your livestream broadcast.


 4. State the topic to your livestream in the first 10 seconds, and only after that introduce yourself.


5.Your shows needs to be longer than 10 minutes because it will gives an opportunity to more people to notice that you have went live.


6. In the end of the show invite people to subscribe to  your live shows.

subscribe button

7. Send out invitation to your email subscribers about times of your live shows.


8.Create a separate list for your livestream viewers where they can get updates about your upcoming shows.


9.Share the livestream to your personal profile during the show and / or share the replay to your personal profile.


10. Ask viewers to share your broadcast while they are watching or the replay.


11. Use Facebook ads to promote your shows. (See how Sarah Prout is promoting her Monday Q & A session.)

sponsored option


Consistency is the key – the more regularly you do it the better you become. Don’t be put off my nobody showing up. It takes time to build the following.

You can also do the Facebook live in the group, you don’t need to be admin, and people in the group will get notifications that you are going live, though check with the Group’s admin if it is ok. here is how you can do it:



December is the last month when you can book a one-off Social Media Makeover Session! You can use it 3 months from the purchase date.




Do enough people know about your services?

Ideally  you have created your business because you are good at something and you are passionate about what you are doing.
People who work with you are happy about your products or services. For some people meeting you may be literally a life-saving/ changing experience.

Do you believe that you have a gift that you can offer to the world?

Do you agree that if more people know about your services or products the more impact you can make in the world?
Do enough people know about your services?

I am fortunate enough to come across extra-ordinary  people who have amazing talents they want to share with their potential clients.
Recently I was lucky to experience “The Forgive the Past Process” created by Victoria Comiskey.  I knew that events from the past can influence my successes in the present and if there are unresolved issues they drain your energy immensely.

What I did not know that our mind can be so powerful and suppress unpleasant memories. So I believed that I am not affected by bearing the grudge against someone.

That’s why even though I knew Victoria for a while and heard of the Forgive the Past process I was sure that it’s not for me. I didn’t know that dealing with constant challenges in my life lately has something to do with releasing my resentment. Only after initial session with Victoria it became clear to me.  I was pleasantly shocked by the effect the process had on me and how it impacted events in my life.
The point of my story is that there are many people who are not aware of Victoria’s gift. They don’t know that her gift can give them that breakthrough they were waiting for such a long time.
There are many people who are not aware of your gift. Even if you are content with how your business performs financially, I believe that you want to serve more people.

Imagine how many people need your gift but they just can’t find you. Let me share how Victoria helped people to find her gift.

Look at this post  on her Facebook page – it was shared 118 times.

Victoria participated in my online programme “Get your first 1,000 fans on Facebook”. I asked Victoria to share her experience with the course and how it impacted her business:

What was your expectations from the course?
As newbie to using Facebook as part of my business, I suppose I wasn’t too sure what to expect as online marketing has appeared to me as quite the nebulous mystery. Having worked with Inga before I knew she would be patient and explain things simply and effectively to me.  My expectation was to gain more of an understanding of the world of Facebook and online marketing.

What results have you achieved?
What I actually ended up with was a very effective way of reaching the people that I know I am here to serve. I have met my “tribe” online and can now communicate with them directly.  I have increased the likes to my page by 360% and have doubled my revenue stream.  I understand Facebook insights and am almost a master at creating beautiful and effective ads in Power editor. I understand how to manage by Facebook ads and my Facebook budget to get the best results. This has given me control and peace of mind over my online marketing and more importantly over connecting and attracting the right clients into my business.


Social Media in general and Facebook in particular allow more people to discover your services. It is simpler that you may think. On 6 November I will announce a special price for the course “Get your first  1,000 fans on Facebook page”, leave the details to receive updates about upcoming training.

What to post on Facebook

There are many recommendations on what and when to post on Facebook. Taking into account that Facebook has made many changes in News Feed algorithm (formula that determines who can see your page’s updates in their news feed and how often), you cannot be sure that recommended post types and timing are suitable for your particular case.

For instance, pictures are among recommended post types, but it doesn’t work for one of my pages, however pictures are the big hit with one of my clients’ pages.

How to know

what to post on Facebook?

The main thing to remember is that you need to monitor your Facebook stats and see what works. for that you need to publish on regular basis.

The video shows how to read the Insights.


 Here is the screen shots:

Facebook insights


To have a wider overview of your stats you need to click on “View all”

There you click on “Posts” and it will show you stats for all your posts.

view all stats


Here you can see how many people have seen your post in their news feed on each given day. These are picture posts, links and status updates. These stats show me that those posts that I’ve shared from other pages and picture posts get less visibility then simple status updates. This gives me a clue if I want more people to see my offers or I want to publish some calls to action, I need to use  status updates.


Example, the first top three posts are status updates, whereas 4th and 5th are posts I’ve shared from other pages. Picture posts are second best visibility wise.

better stats


Personally I do like picture posts, if I see pages which is full of status updates and links, it seems dull and unappealing.  And I don’t want to have a page without pictures, only because Facebook “has chosen” to expose them less.

This is what I did:

I published a status update post, and then in the comments below add an additional question and a picture. In the news feed my post looked like this:




On my page it looked like that and you can see how many people saw it:

pic and comment


If you post several pictures at one go it will be treated as status updates and not a photo, so if the status updates get more visibility you can publish at least two pictures at the same time and it will may increase your visibility.

If you post pictures on regular basis and the content resonates with your audience, you will see that reach of your photo posts will increase eventually.

how to post several pictures at once on

I saw from my insights that post with links are not doing that great either. But I want to drive traffic back to my website, so I adjusted my way of publishing links. By the way I saw people adding links in the comment box, the same way as I did with the picture post above.

Another way how to make sure that your posts with links get more visibility is taking away the preview option:

take away link picture


You click on the cross and it takes away the preview of the website, and click post. Facebook classifies it as a status update and gives more visibility.



This is what works for me, but the situation is completely different for my clients’ pages. You need to read your insights and make adjustments before you try to get more visibility via paid ads.

Please in the comments below share which of your posts get more reach.


You can read more on how to read insights here

To be successful on Social Media all you need is LOVE!

To be successful on Social Media, all you need is LOVE!

What emotions come to your mind when you talk about your activities on Social Media?

Are you happy and can’t get enough of it?

Or you treat is a necessary evil because there is such a huge hype about it?

Or you are frustrated and baffled?


No matter what you do, no matter how much you post, you can’t see obvious results that would tell you that Facebook work for you.

If the latter describes your feeling, I would suggest that you STOP posting anything on Facebook right now, and concentrate your efforts on something else. Because:

Unless you fall in love with your page you will never get the results!

Or before you find somebody who loves Social Media and can represent you on Facebook.

When you enjoy your activities on Facebook, then it will

become easy,

ideas come to your mind,

and you find different ways how to engage your audience. 


As the result you are getting new clients, and people start buying from you.



How to fall in love with Social Media?

First of all, you need to remember that Social media is not about you but about your audience and Social media is a connector between you and your potential customers.

By communicating  with your audience you introduce your products or services to them gradually, you educate them about benefits of your offer, and most importantly you bring value.

Secondly, you need to understand where your audience hangs out. If they prefer LinkedIn and don’t even have an account on Facebook, no wonder that you don’t get any response.

Thirdly, think which of Social Media channels you prefer working with, pick one and excel there.

Be consistent and present on it, your energy will draw people to you. You will find your tribe.


Ok,  if you hate Social Media  and can’t possibly imagine that you would ever love it, then choose which action to take offline and be consistent – go to networking events, give talks, write articles.

Whatever you do, do it with love and you will see results.

When love is you guiding energy, you stop acting from a scarcity position.

You don’t stretch yourself thin across all possible Social Media channels because you are afraid of missing out on a potential customer.

You stop becoming needy!

Though I do believe that you need Social Media presence anyway to help people to find you easier, but you can delegate maintenance of your Facebook presence to somebody else who loves doing it.

If the only thing that stops you from finding clients via Facebook is lack of understanding how it works I have a solution for you.

I’ve created Social Media Support Hub, a place where you can find necessary support and guidance through Facebook labyrinth.

This Saturday I am running a webinar to members only on how to integrate Facebook into your overall marketing mix.

It’s an interactive webinar where participants can ask questions and interact with each other.

We will look at how your activities on Facebook contribute to your lead generation and what can be improved or what to choose instead.

As the membership area is in a beta mode yet, I am offering a very low investment solutions and it’s your monthly decisions, if it doesn’t bring the value you can cancel any time.

Please check the details and sign up! 

In the comments below please share your emotions towards Social Media.

Are you missing out on communication with your fans on Facebook?

One of the best reasons why to have a Facebook business page is

Communication with your fans aka your customers or potential customers.

Sometime business owners forget even to look at this section “Post by others”

posts by others

Any posts that people posted on your timeline or if they mention and tag your page’s name in their comments,  it will appear on your Facebook page in the “Posts by others”. See example below, when somebody tagged my page name (you can make any page clickable if you add @PAGENAME  when you start typing a page name Facebook will give you prompts of available pages)

clickable link

You have to monitor this part very closely as here all the questions or comments will appear. If you ignore them you lose out on communication and other people who visit your page can notice that there is no communication on the page and will leave it. When somebody posts a link or picture it’s not visible onto your main timeline that’s why you need to share it from there. For instance, on my client’s page I posted a picture of my very first cappuccino I made with their device. Because I was posting from my personal profile it went into “Posts by others”, then it was re-posted by the page Admin. See the example below:


Practically you re-share their post on your page again. Add a personal message and share.

share photo

When somebody leaves a testimonial or a good review on your page there is no option to share, but it is something what you want your fans to see as well. In this case you take a screenshot of their testimonial and post as a picture. There is an example below, when I just started my Social Media Services I didn’t have a separate page for that and a happy customer let her message on my Coaching page.


As you can see there is no option to share this post, that’s why I took a screenshot and posted it on the page. You can do the same if somebody ask you a question, you answer in the comments below but you want as many people as possible to read your answer, that’s why you post a screen shot on your page and invite people to submit their question and increase engagement. In my next post I will show you different ways how you can take a screenshot and demonstrate behind the scenes actions. Stay tuned. In the comments below please let me know what else you would like to know about Facebook marketing or become a fan on my page Online Marketing Explorers and leave your questions/comments there.

How to get more engagement from fans on Facebook?

How to get more engagement from fans on a regular basis?


This was the question I received on my Facebook page.

The question itself contains part of the answer:


 Regular presence on Facebook.

It doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your time on Facebook, not at all, but you  have to be consistent in posting. Consistency is crucial. One of the best ways, and  probably the only efficient way to be consistent is by

Planning your activities on Facebook.calendar

End of the month is perfect for planning your activities for the following month, you  don’t need to be super detailed at this point, but you need to know how you are  going to communicate your marketing activities during the month via Facebook.  Facebook is just a mechanism to convey your message and engage with your  audience.


HoneyPost content that is interesting to your readers.

I know that it sounds obvious, but ever so often I can see that business owners  publish announcements about upcoming events by informing readers of the topic of  the event and main benefits, and that’s is;  in the best case scenario it will be  republished from time to time. For instance, now is August, you have an event in  September, so you can build an anticipation of the event, and engage public in the  preparation stages by posting bite-sized content relating to the event.

Ask questions.shoes

Don’t just throw information at people, engage with them, ask questions. When ask questions, put yourself in their shoes, very often people check their Facebook on the go – during lunches, or waiting in a queue. There is no luxury of time to spend  answering very complicated questions.

Questions need to be easy to answer and give opportunity to share readers’ expertise. 

Respond to the comments.

It may be obvious, but still you can see that many comments left unanswered. If the comment doesn’t  require the answer always acknowledge the input by simply saying thank you. Respond to negative comments as well, this is your opportunity to showcase your expertise. Though if the comments are abusive ban the person from your page, if necessary report them.

Collaborate with other business owners.

It’s easier to join an interesting ongoing conversation than speaking up in a silent room. I organise engagement days for my clients where participants engage in the discussion on each other pages thus creating a buzz. Find business owners that compliments your expertise. If you are a fitness coach, collaborate with a nutritionist. If you are a money coach, work with a confidence coach etc.

People holding hands

Please let me know in the comments below whether this article was helpful for you and what else you would like to know.

Please share your ideas to get more engagement.


Hashtag on Facebook – everybody talks about it

One of the latest changes on Facebook is


What I love about Facebook is that they constantly improve their features and help business owners to be discovered.

Somehow Facebook introduced # hashtags only recently, it’s been widely used by Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for a long time (in the end of the blog there is a picture about history of hashtag).

If you are a business owner you should include hashtags into your marketing toolkit.

This is a tool that allows you to be discovered when somebody is looking for particular services or products. In the video below I am showing you how you can use hashtags in your marketing.

Become strategic when use hashtags – when you come up with the name for it, think about what people might type in the search box. There is no point in coming up with a fancy name if nobody uses it. If you want to use your business name as hashtag use it together with common use keywords. For instance, if I want to establish online marketing  explorers as a brand name, I will be using it alongside with more common search terms as marketing or online marketing:

#onlinemarketingexplorers #marketing #onlinemarketing


In order to make it clickable you need to type #keyword (without any gaps).

Use it when you post on your computer and also when you type on your mobile, it doesn’t work on mobile yet but when people read your posts on computer they can follow your hashtags.

Please leave in the comments below whether you use hashtags on Facebook or other Social Media channels. What is your attitude towards Facebook as a marketing platform?

Typing a word “hashtag” in the search box I found this interesting picture that shows history of a hashtag:

Source: The History of the #Hashtag——By Kevin Basset

The History of the #Hashtag——By Kevin Basset

Let’s explore online marketing opportunities!

This post starts a new path of my journey as a marketing explorer.

Talking to many entrepreneurs I’ve noticed that some of them postpone activities of marketing their services online only because they don’t know how to do it and where to start. Technology seems very scary to them.

I do believe that business owners should focus on business development rather than technology and everything that can be outsourced should be outsourced.

But sometimes there are times when you have to operate with what you have and where you are. I am not an expert in website creation but sometimes I like to evoke my Inner Geeky Goddess and build my own website. I’ve created this website from scratch all by myself. I’ve done it even twice, because the first time around I did something wrong with the settings and the site went very weird.

Here comes my insight of the day:

When you start doing something and think that you rubbish at it, and feel insecure, most likely that you will get  results that prove that you are right. Always choose being curious when start something new.

Being very passionate about Facebook marketing, one of the first things that I’ve done was installing a “Like box” on my website. If you want to attract more fans on your Facebook page, you need to offer people to like your page without leaving your website.

To add “The Like Box” on your website you need to go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin


You can modify the way “Like Box” looks. After that you copy the code and insert where you want it to appear on your website, or you can ask your website person to do it for you. All you need to do is to send them a link to Facebook page plugin and your Facebook pages url.





Please in the comments below describe what your attitude towards modern technologies is. Do you prefer a DIY approach or you would outsource skills to save time?